Who Is Hang Mioku? Where Is She Now, Is She Still Alive Or Dead?

Who Is Hang Mioku? Where Is She Now, Is She Still Alive Or Dead?

People don’t just go under the knife to modify their bodies for no reason. Personal reasons, high expectations from society, and other factors are some of the major reasons people fork out a huge sum of money to enhance their looks or entirely change them. From forehead lift to tissue expansion to non-surgical rhinoplasty, jaw reduction, and permanent makeup, a whole lot of people who desire physical perfections have paid heavily to have one or more body enhancement surgeries. In the case of Hang Mioku, she was addicted to plastic surgery to the point that doctors turned their backs on her each time she requested more surgeries. The story of Mioku is truly a sad one. Find out who she really is, if she is dead or alive, where she is now and all there is to know about her.

Who Is Hang Mioku?

Hang Mioku was once a celebrated and respected personality in the Korean entertainment industry. She was a successful singer and model with a huge fan base until her obsession for plastic surgery ruined her flourishing career and subsequently led to her tragic downfall in the industry and life.

Mioku was born in South Korea on the 8th of July 1963 but there is no information regarding her family history, parents, siblings, and educational background, as she has kept a low profile on these aspects of her personal life.

There was a time Hang was having a thriving and productive career in the entertainment industry of South Korea. At the time, her showbiz interests were singing and modeling and she was quite good at both career paths. Upon hitting 28, precisely in 1991, Hang Mioku began to have a strong craving for smoother and softer skin. She eventually succeeded in going under the knife that year; which was the first time she visited doctors for plastic surgery.

Fascinated by the after-effect of the surgery, the singer/singer relocated to Japan to continue her career. While she was there, she continued to enlarge her face with silicone. After repeatedly going under the knife, Mioku was advised by her doctors to quit injecting silicone into her face as her face was clearly becoming enlarged. Instead of heeding to their advice, the former model/singer resorted to a DIY (Do It Yourself) beauty treatment that saw her inject a bottle of black market silicone into her face.

Who Is Hang Mioku? Where Is She Now, Is She Still Alive Or Dead?
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Hang Mioku tried to inject more silicone but couldn’t because it was very expensive; she then decided to inject cooking oil into her face. Because the injection of the oil didn’t support the plastic surgery process, Miokus face became permanently disfigured and swollen to the point that her parents didn’t recognize her.

Her tragic surgery journey was later aired on Korean television and thousands of viewers were able to come up with thousands of pounds for corrective surgery. About 60g of silicone, foreign substance, and oil were removed from her face during the first ten operations while about 200g was removed from her neck. Despite recovering from swells, Hang Mioku’s face is still significantly disfigured, with much of her facial scarring becoming more prominent than before.

Is She Still Alive Or Dead?

Hang Mioku was undoubtedly pretty and gorgeous in her prime, before her plastic surgery disaster. The former singer is still alive but having an unsatisfactory life due to her unfortunate past. Although nothing has been heard about her family, it is assumed that she is still living with her husband – Beau Biden, and two children – Hunter and Natalie. Unfortunately, there is no information relating to Biden and the two kids he shares with Hang. Where they exactly live and what they are currently up to is also a mystery.

Where Is Hang Mioku Now?

The Asian former model’s love for plastic surgery was apparently an addiction she failed to conquer. At the moment, the exact city she lives in Korea is not known to the public. For where she works, she is currently working with a shop called The Beautiful Store. The charity store basically promotes recycling and sharing in the East Asian region, Korea. She is also a beneficiary of State handouts, according to several sources.