Joy Anna Duggar Wedding, Pregnant, Age, Siblings, Net Worth, Bio

Joy Anna Duggar Wedding, Pregnant, Age, Siblings, Net Worth, Bio

It was a common characteristic in some continents like Asia and Africa for men in ancient times to have what one could consider a litter of children. Some could have as many as forty-five children, spread across a number of women. A perfect example could be seen in the life of the greatest of the Mongol kings, Genghis Khan.

That was in ancient times, but in modern-day America, we have a family in similar circumstances. What does it feel like to be born into a very large family? We may never know until we take a little peck into the life of Joy-Anna Duggar, ninth child of Jim Bob Duggar who is in exactly that kind of position. We will touch on her much-publicized wedding, the rumors of her being pregnant, and also a look at her siblings.

Joy Anna Duggar Bio, Age, Net Worth

As earlier stated she is the ninth child and the fifth daughter of her family. Born on October 28, 1997, to Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duark in Arkansas, the United States of America. For seven years she was the youngest daughter of the Duggar family until her sister, Johannah was born. Like the rest of the Duggar clan, Joy was homeschooled. During her childhood years, Joy-Anna referenced that she enjoyed riding tandem bikes with her brothers while she was growing up.

Her career started when she took a slot in the family reality television series, ‘14 Kids and Pregnant Again’ as it was then called and later renamed ’19 Kids and Counting’. At 20 years of age, she has a career in acting as she has picked up roles in movies including, ‘K1 Discovery’ (2005), ’19 Kids and Counting (2008), and ‘Counting’ (2011).

The series ’19 Kids and Counting’ was an American television series that ran on TLC from 2008 up until 2015 when it was canceled. The show put into focus the family of Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar along with their 19 children. The family is comprised of Independent Baptist Christians along with being members of the Institute in Basic Life Principles where the eldest of the Duggar daughters, Jana Duggar is the leader of IBLP’s “Journey to the Heart” youth ministry.

Faith plays a major role in the way the Duggar family live their lives, purity modesty, and faith in God are strong pillars for them. They also made the decision not to use birth controls as they believe that God decides how many children they are allowed to have, with the direct result being the 19 children they have. The family lives on a property of 7,000 acres of land, they are very strict in their ways of life. Not much is known of Joy’s net worth but there are hints pointing towards it being set at about $75,000.

Joy Anna Duggar Pregnant, Wedding

Due to the strict rules the Duggar family live by, it was really a big controversy when it was reported that Joy-Anna was pregnant out of wedlock. Austin Forsyth was a best friend to Joy-Anna for 15 years and they announced to their families they wanted to get married.

Joy Anna Duggar Wedding, Pregnant, Age, Siblings, Net Worth, Bio
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The couple entered a courtship that lasted for two months and on May 26, 2017, they tied the knot in a ceremony attended by family and close friends. Joy-Anna and Austin shared their first kiss at their wedding. But there are rumors swirling that the couple might have pulled a shotgun wedding.

They had initially announced that their wedding would be in the fall of 2017 but ended up having it in May. If truly she had taken in before marriage, it would answer the question as to why the wedding was brought forward due to both families’ strict rules on chastity. The couple did later announce that they are expecting a baby on August 30, 2017.

Her Siblings

Joy-Anna has a remarkable number of 18 siblings. Amongst them, she seems to be one of the most-watched by the public. Stunningly, all of them have a name that begins with ‘J’. In May 2015, Josh Duggar was reported by his family to the police for molesting young girls earlier on in life. This brought about the later cancellation of the family show