Luna Lanie Biography, Age, Height and Other Facts You Need To Know

Luna Lanie Biography, Age, Height and Other Facts You Need To Know

The subculture of cosplay has evolved over the years and has made many young men and women stars in their own right and Luna Lanie is one of the many who have come to achieve fame as a result of her love for cosplaying.

She parlayed her cosplay fame into an acting career beginning in 2017 and she has already acted with ace comedian and actor Adam Sandler.

Luna Lanie maintains a high activity on social media. She boasts about 100 K followers on Twitter and about 200 K on the gram. Here are the things you need to know about her.

Luna Lanie Biography (Age and other Background Info)

Luna Lanie is just her cosplay name, she was born Delanie Frances Wheeler on the 25th of November 1994 in Nashville, Tennessee. She is now based in Atlanta, Georgia. Frances is the youngest child in a family of four. She has two older sisters as well as an older brother. Unfortunately, Lanie lost one of her sisters Amanda on the 9th of March 2018. She took to her social media pages to post condolences to her but she didn’t make it clear the cause of her sister’s death.

Her sister’s death would be the second time the Wheelers were losing one of theirs. Their father had already passed away. “…I hope you’re with dad living your best day every day. Rest In Peace please,” Luna wrote as a caption to a photo of herself with her sisters and their dad.

Luna, when she was in high school, would dress up as a Disney princess for children’s parties. However, she never had any interest in cosplay until something happened to her… Luna was involved in a car accident in her freshman year in college that left her with a head injury. As a result, she had to take a medical leave of absence from college. While on that leave, Luna was introduced to cosplaying by one of her colleagues from work (she had been working while in college).

Luna Lanie fell in love with the art and began pursuing it for a living, traveling around the nation to attend conventions. She garnered many fans from cosplaying as she did enemies. During her years of cosplaying, Luna found herself entangled in many controversies. One of such came in 2015 when Luna said she was sexually harassed by attendees of the MomoCon convention. Another was at the DC Comics SDCC cosplay contest. Most of her cosplay works were photographed by the popular, Martin Wong.

Luna Lanie Biography, Age, Height and Other Facts You Need To Know

Luna quit cosplaying in 2017 to focus on becoming a serious actress. She has also become more involved in dance, and scriptwriting. She has had small roles in episodes of TV shows like Nashville, Good Behavior, Billions, and The Good Cop. Luna appeared in The 15:17 to Paris (2018) but she was uncredited for her role as a pole dancer. She played the role of a stripper in Adam Sandler and Chris Rock‘s film The Week Of (2018).

Height and Other Facts You Need To Know

1. Luna Lanie stands at 5 feet 2 inches tall.

2. Her natural eye color is blue.

3. Her favorite cosplayer is Jessica Nigri.

4. In addition to cosplaying, Luna is also a video game lover. She once streamed on Twitch. Some of the games she streamed included League of Legends, Destiny, and Call of Duty Advanced Warfare.

5. Luna began posting to Instagram in November 2012.

6. Luna got a scholarship from high school to study microbiology in college. Though she passed it up for a career in cosplaying, Luna revealed in a tweet on April 10th, 2018 that she would return to school to pursue a degree in neuroscience.

7. After deciding on becoming an actress, Luna deleted many of her cosplaying stuff online.

8. She got her first tattoo at the age of 16. It is a bow right above her ass. Luna has at least 3 tattoos.