Michael Raymond-James Married, Wife, Kids, Family, Wiki, Bio 

Michael Raymond-James Married, Wife, Kids, Family, Wiki, Bio 

Michael Raymond-James is an American actor who became famous for different appearances such as in True Blood and Black Snake Moan where he acted alongside Justine Timberlake and many others.

Michael Raymond-James Wiki, bio

Michael Raymond-James was born Michael Weverstad in Detroit, Michigan. That was on December 24, 1977. It was here that he was raised without any inclination towards acting.

There is hardly much that is known about his family or the exact way in which he was brought up.

For his education, the man attended Clarkston High School and graduated in 1996. As he grew up, he was more of an athlete than any other thing, and during his high school days, he was a football player as well as a track runner.

Looking at his life as an actor, Raymond James didn’t prepare or plan to become an actor. In fact, it was at the age of 19 that he decided to get into acting by accident.  The actor pointed out that he saw a flyer for a student film and he decided to walk in and give it a try even as he suspected he was a little drunk at the time. That was how he was able to discover himself as an actor.

Because Detroit wasn’t the best bet for an actor, Raymond-James decided to move to New York where he studied at the Lee Strasberg Theater. It was there that he met people like George Loros and Jeffery Horn.

From New York where he started in the theater, the actor moved to Los Angeles after he was invited by a casting director. That was how he was able to get it started professionally.

The actor began fully as an actor in 2000 when he took a part in Minor Blues. His next movie would be the Black Snake Moan (2006) and then The Twenty (2010). By 2016, he had already appeared in a number of movies including Bowman Mickey (2011), Jack Reacher (2012), Road to Paloma (2013), The Salvation (2014), and The Finest Hours (2016).

Where he was able to make it even better was with the TVs. The actor appeared in quite a generous number of TV shows including Once Upon a Time for which he got very popular, Lie To MeTrue Blood, Terriersm, Game of Silence, and a few others that he made appearances in limited episodes.

 For his role in Once Upon a Time (2011), Raymond-James got a Favorite TV Character We Miss Most nomination during the People’s Choice Award, 2015.

Michael Raymond-James Wife Kids Family

A good-looking and rather talented actor who is successful in his rights, the question always returns about his wife and kids. Nevertheless, as it would surprise many, Michael Raymond-James is neither married nor does he have any children.

Michael Raymond-James Married, Wife, Kids, Family, Wiki, Bio 
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In fact, the very personal actor hasn’t been linked to any woman in the past. The only woman that he was linked to was a fellow actress, Jennifer Morrison. That was as far back as 2011 when the two appeared in Once Upon a Time together. The interesting part of the whole thing between the two is that even as people linked them to each other, there is hardly any evidence to show that they actually dated.

Essentially, it is easy to assume that the actor has been very clean in keeping his relationships away from the public if he has dated anyone in the past. In case you are wondering whether the man has kept his relationships hidden because he is gay, he has neither confirmed if he is one or not, and there are no indications to suggest that he is gay. At least for now.

Michael Raymond-James Net worth ($7.7 Million)

Looking at the recipe of Michael Raymond-James, you will agree that he is not one of those actors that have acted in almost every movie and every role under the sun. More so, there are no records of him being involved in investments.

However, because he has acted in some movies that are very important and he has remained almost always busy, one will only be fair enough to expect that the man has a good net worth.

Rightly so, Michael Raymond-James is said to have an estimated net worth of between 7.7 million dollars and 8 million dollars.

Quick Facts

Height: 1.75 m

Profession: Actor

Marital Status: Single

Net Worth: 7.7 Million

Date‎ of Birth: ‎24-12-1977