Who Is Raphael Gomes, Is He Gay or Related To Selena Gomez?

Who Is Raphael Gomes, Is He Gay or Related To Selena Gomez?

With the rising number of social media platforms, their wide array of entertaining content, and the consequent increase of media power accorded to those who excel thereof, it is no surprise that there is a diversity of celebrities produced on these platforms. Raphael Gomes is one of such people who have maximized the Youtube platform, he has gained an immense form of social power and was named The Next Youtube Vlogger in the year 2013, barely three years after he launched his self-titled channel on September 16, 2010.

His vlogs are mostly centered around the Lifestyle, Food, and Travel categories. Moreso, his quirky and adventurous approach to cooking distinguished and endeared him to his over 1.8 million viewers. No wonder he authored the critically acclaimed book Epic Kitchen Adventures.

Who Is Raphael Gomes?

Gomes is a Youtube content creator of Portuguese origins who was born in his home country on the 23rd day of June 1992 to Agustin Ayala Gnomes and Amalia Gables Gomes. He grew up alongside the one sibling he has, his sister Joana Gomes. The star later left his home country and moved to London but there are no details on when this move happened; if he went alone or together with his family. It is not certain how Gomes became enamored with Youtube, but long before any of that, a young Raphael harbored dreams of being either a dentist, a writer or a presenter, an indicator of his free-spirited outlook on life.

He launched his self-titled channel on September 16, 2010, with his first-ever video post titled ‘2 Minutes Chocolate Cake’ where he featured a quick recipe for chocolate cake. With his charm and very engaging simple-to-follow presentation style, he endeared himself to his viewers within the YouTube community and his fame grew in no time.

He continues to produce fun and educating videos, mostly in the food and lifestyle categories, with occasional music covers and a series titled “Get to know Me” where he connects with his community of followers and shares personal details from his life. Some of his most engaging content include DIY cooking videos, 24-hour video challenges, and his American Vs British series where he compares food from both places. His series ‘Testing Celebrity Cookbooks’ and ‘Mini Vs Real Food’ are very interesting to watch and have only seen his viewership growing by leaps and bounds.

Some of his most popular works include ‘I only ate The Simpsons Foods for 24 hours, ‘Trying School Lunch Around The World’, and of course his very first food video, ‘2 Minutes Chocolate Cake’. Each of these videos received good attention from millions of viewers. His channel currently has over 1.8 million subscribers and over 200 million views.

Is He Gay?

Speculations are rife about whether or not Raphael Gomes is gay, but from all indications, he is not. He’s had a very publicized relationship with fellow vlogger, Viana Fernandes who owns a beauty and lifestyle channel and often features on his channel. Viana Fernandes was also born in Portugal (Lisbon) but later moved to the UK.

She launched her channel (Stellabeauty08) in 2012 and has over 360,000 subscribers. Born on July 30th, 1994, Viana Fernandes has been associated with author John Green who she worked with to anchor some stops on his book tour. Her most viewed video is the ‘Morning Routine for School’ with over 70,000 views. She is said to have also dated another fellow YouTuber, Sam King.

Who Is Raphael Gomes, Is He Gay or Related To Selena Gomez?

Is Raphael Gomes Related To Selena Gomez?

Raphael Gomes is often confused to be related to singer and actress Selena Gomez, especially because of their similar surnames Gomes and Gomez, differing only in their last letters but still sounding the same. Selena Maria Gomez is a Texas-born, award-winning American actress and singer. Although she was born in the same year as the YouTuber, that seems to be all they have in common.

Raphael Gomes is of British, Portuguese nationality whereas Selena has a mixed origin of Mexican on her father’s side and Italian on her mother’s side.

Other Facts About Raphel

1. Raphael Gomes is color blind and often tells fans that his best colors are black and yellow, two of the few colors he can see.

2. The handsome YouTuber stands tall at 5 feet 11 inches with dark hair and a gorgeous smile.

3. His net worth was pegged at about $600,000 dollars but is currently under review.