What happened to Huskystarcraft (Mike Lamond), Is He Dead? Girlfriend

What happened to Huskystarcraft (Mike Lamond), Is He Dead? Girlfriend

The gaming world has churned out many stars over the years and Mike Lamond aka Huskystarcraft is just one of them. Known to the world as an E-sports commentator for StarCraft gaming competitions, Huskycraft like most gamers expanded to YouTube where he garnered a huge following.

In recent years things seem to be very quiet from Huskystarcraft, forcing many to wonder what may have happened to their favorite StarCraft gamer. Before we get right into discussing his recent endeavors, let’s take you through his life journey and how he rose to fame as a gamer.

Mike Lamond’s Biography

Huskyscraft was born as Michael D Lamond on May 4, 1987, in Bakersfield, California, and raised in Nipomo, California. He has an older brother. At the age of 11, Husky and his family relocated to Gresham, Oregon. It was during that same time that Husky would discover StarCraft, a real-time strategizing PC and MAC video game owned by Blizzard Entertainment.

Husky began playing the game on Blizzard’s online server Battle.net and it wasn’t long until he amassed thousands of games completed. Soon, he gravitated towards esports and began following the South Korean streaming service GOM TV. GOM TV basically broadcast StarCraft gameplay from professional gamers.

While watching these pro gamers, Husky developed the idea to turn StarCraft into a worthwhile spectator’s sport by providing an engaging commentary. He started a YouTube channel and began posting videos of himself on StarCraft: Brood War professional competition. To his surprise, the channel gained massive traction and Husky had the duty of keeping up with his fans by posting as many as 100 videos in 30 days.

His fame shot over the roof in February 2010 when he began providing commentary for StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty matches. As Huskyscraft’s fame surged, he teamed up with his fellow gamer and commentator friend HD to form what they called HDH Invitational. It was a StarCraft II tournament where they would invite 16 professional StarCraft II gamers to compete for cash prizes.

To spice up his YouTube channel, Husky under the name Nerd Alert began producing parody videos of music artists like Maroon 5, Justin Bieber, LMFAO, Rebecca Black, and more.

In July of 2010, Husky and HD brought on other game commentators to their team to launch another YouTube channel, The Game Station.

They modeled the new channel after ESPN, but instead of a station for a variety of sports, The Game Station focused on diverse genres of games. Thanks to Huskystarcraft’s popularity on the video-sharing platform, Game Station was an immediate success.

To focus more on the station, Huskycraft had to relocate to Los Angeles towards the end of 2010. Together with his fellow game commentator, TotalBiscuit, Huskystarcraft became the sponsor of the new gaming team Axiom ESports. Husky’s involvement with esports began to wane in 2015 and so did the frequency at which he posted to his channel.

What happened to Huskystarcraft

Husky’s inactivity as an esports commentator has caused many to wonder what really went wrong with him. Rumors have swirled that he lost his vocal cords. This rumor, no doubt, emanated from the fact that Husky’s style of commentating involved him flowing at the fast pace of the game and most times losing his breath at the peak of the game.

Others have even gone as far as asking if he is dead? Well, the world may not know in detail what Huskystarcraft is doing but he is, in truth, very much alive.

After leaving e-sports as a commentator, Husky continued to Tweet about his favorite game Starcraft, telling his followers about the latest upgrades and posting videos of himself.

Another thing Husky became involved with was girlfriend Rosanna Pansino’s self-titled YouTube channel famous for its Nerdy Nummies show. According to his Twitter bio, he serves as the channel’s Manager/Director/Producer. Judging from the success of that channel, Mike Lamond is doing a great job. The channel boasts over 9.4 million subscribers and over 2.2 billion views.

What happened to Huskystarcraft (Mike Lamond), Is He Dead? Girlfriend
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Huskystarcraft Girlfriend

The details about Huskystarcraft’s relationship with Rosanna Pansino are not readily available. However, we speculate that they began dating around 2012 which is when he began appearing in her videos. In 2013, they bought a 3,386-square-foot, two-story house in LA for $1.54 million.

About three years later, in August 2016, they bought a luxurious two-story property in San Fernando Valley, Tarzana for almost $4 million. The exact details of Huskystarcraft’s earnings may not be known, but he is certainly well-paid for his managing duties on Nerdy Nummies. How do we know? Well, Rosanio takes home 7-figures annually. Per Forbes, she earned $6 million in 2017.