What Is KissAsian, How Does It Work, Is It Legal And Safe To Use?

What Is KissAsian, How Does It Work, Is It Legal And Safe To Use?

When it comes to entertainment, Western States have always been major contenders on the global stage. But in recent times, the global entertainment industry has had an influx of content from other places in the world, not just the United States of America and the United Kingdom. Places in Africa and most notably in Asia have started to create content – like films, television shows, and music that cater to a wide audience. Many factors have aided the rise and spread of entertainment from the aforementioned continents and one of these is the internet. Just as Netflix exists with a plethora of content available to watch, the website KissAsian also exists; however, KissAsian only has content from the Asian continent.

What Is KissAsian?

As entertainment from other cultures found its way to the Global market, new fan bases were springing up in different locations in the world. For the new Asian fan bases to find the shows they like, especially Korean sitcoms, someone or a group of people in Asia decided that they create a website called, KissAsian.

The KissAsian Website has a list of shows that are available for streaming. It is split into different sections New Drama, Most Popular, Top Month, Top Week, and Top Day. For the first section, New Drama, those are the latest episodes that have been released on the site while the second category, Most Popular, is for shows that have the highest views and/or download. The other categories are television shows that fall into the category of shows with the most views but are ranked by month, week, and day. This categorization is the best option for users of the website. KissAsian currently has more than two thousand television shows and movies combined, all of which are from the Asian entertainment industry.

The most popular group of shows on KissAsian are the Korean Dramas which are known for their moving stories.

How Does It Work?

All of the shows on the website are in languages that are not known by fans outside of the Asian continent. This leads to the most important feature of the KissAsian Website which is that all the dramas available on the website are subtitled in English, this was the major reason this app was created. To give lovers of Asian Drama from different parts of the world the chance to watch their favorite Asian shows with subtitles, especially those who do not like the dubbed versions of the films and television shows.

To use the KissAsain website all you need to do is visit their website and then you are presented with the options of either searching for the show you want or going through the categories. The User Interface of the website is user-friendly and is written in English making it very easy to navigate for English speakers.

If after searching you do not find the show you want, an option for requesting shows not available on the website has been provided, and in a short while, the show requested will be made available.

The only problem with KissAsain is the ads that pop up while streaming a show; to tackle this all that is needed is an adblocker.

From Anime to High School Dramas, they are all available on the website along with the option of bookmarking a show if you wish to come back to it later.

Is KissAsian Legal And Safe To Use?

The creators and administrators of the KissAsian website are not known and one of the reasons for this is because of the illegal complications of creating and running a website such as this one. The shows and films on this website are owned by different production companies, all the visits and clicks that KissAsian gets translates to money these production companies could be making from these shows. Movies and TV shows streamed on KissAsian are not done with the permission of the production companies as they have not given out the rights to do so, making all programs on the website pirated.

The website itself is safe; it does not ask for any personal information from you before you can start using it. But the fact that productions houses in Asia are losing money they could be making for the work they put into making movies and television shows makes the website illegal.