5 Facts To Know About Taymoo – The Twitch Gamer

Amazon, the giant American company, introduced Twitch in 2011 through a subsidiary body, Twitch Interactive. Twitch was modeled after Justin.tv which was a platform for general streaming. The site, however, was built to primarily cater for live streaming video games and with time, other features were added. Twitch has grown so popular that an estimated 2.2 million persons broadcast with it monthly. Of this large number, several stand out including Taymoo, a young and intelligent gamer.

There are a lot of interesting facts about this lady gamer and here are five of them for your reading pleasure…

Facts Things To Know About Taymoo

Age, Place of Birth, and Real Name

The state of Washington is located in the Pacific Northwest region of USA. It is the 18th largest state in the nation and houses about 7.5 million persons. It is also the birthplace of Taymoo who was born on the 31st day of August in the year 1995.

Her birth records bear the name Taylor Moore. Now you know this, there’s no mystery as to how she managed to come about the nickname, Taymoo. Well, if you haven’t figured, it is a combination of the first three letters of both her first and last name.

Her Twitch Career

This is, of course, a new era where entertainment has moved up to another level and dimension. If we take a look a couple of years back, then we will understand how interesting it is that playing video games is now a career choice. Who would ever have imagined that our little fun fair video games, meant to ease our minds could become a money-making and fame gathering opportunity for someone? It beats the mind!

Anyway, Taymoo discovered that she enjoyed video gaming a lot at a really tender age. As she started early, it is no surprise that she commands an awesome skill in playing games like the World of Warcraft. She is also a good player of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game.

Social Media Presence

Its several years down the line and not only is she still playing games, she is also winning hearts. Taymoo has a large following on social media. While we are not so certain that that’s entirely due to her terrific twitching skills and not her good looks, we know that it is impressive.

She has over 121,000 followers on Twitch and more than 33.2k followers on Instagram. You will also find her on other social media platforms. Taymoo has definitely had a good run on Twitch and it’s awesome that she is making use of other social media platforms. Surely, this goes beyond determination and perseverance. Little drops of water they say make a mighty ocean.

Taymoo’s Net Worth

If we are to consider that this beautiful damsel began her twitch career in 2014, we could as well say that she has made quite a fortune for herself. To be honest, there’s no figure to put to how much she has made but we think it should be worth the four years she has put in.

Her Love Life

One juicy fact that people must be dying to know is if this Virgo has a boyfriend. How many relationships has she been in? Who has she dated? Is she even straight? Taymoo’s fans have been asking these questions for quite a while now. Well, sorry to burst your bubble, we have not been able to find answers to these questions.

Taylor is a private person as there is really very little about her private life out there. It’s uncertain how much education she has received and what institutions she has attended or is attending. There is nothing about her family as well so we don’t know if she is an only child or has siblings. Most people can’t tell anything about her apart from the fact that she was raised in Washington.

In all, Taylor Moore is a very interesting young lady making a name for herself in the gaming world and social media platforms. From the way things are going for her, there is absolutely no doubt that she would continue to wax strong in fame and fortune.

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