An Interesting List of Kelly Slater’s Ex Girlfriends, Daughter and His Earning Power

An Interesting List of Kelly Slater’s Ex Girlfriends, Daughter and His Earning Power

Sports like surfing may not be a preferred kind of sport for many but not for the likes of Kelly Slater who have built a lucrative career from it. We’ve heard many stories of adventurous children who began hiking, surfing, skiing, and more of the like from a very young age and Kelly Slater was one of those. His interest was in surfing, and he started off with that at a very young age. Thanks to his successful career, the surfer has earned huge reputations across the world and his personal life has become of utmost interest to millions of his fans out there. Here are facts you should know about Pro surfer Kelly Slater’s successful career and love life.

Kelly Slater’s Background and Career Highlights

Popularly known as the world’s most successful pro surfer, Robert Kelly Slater is a native of Florida, born on February 11, 1972, as the second child of his parents – Stephen Slater and Judy Moriarity. His other siblings are Stephen and Sean Slater who are both males.

His father, Stephen Slater, ran a bait and tackle shop which was situated in very close proximity to the ocean in Cocoa Beach. Kelly probably developed his love for surfing there as he would go searching for big waves whenever he returns from school. During his teenage years, his surfing skills made him popular as one of the best surfers in the city of Cocoa Beach. he eventually bagged his first world championship title at the age of 20. This eventually earned him a deserved reputation as one of the youngest surfers in the world. he earned the same title at the age of 39 though as the oldest to win the same championship at the age of 39.

Surfing was not all Kelly was passionate about. While he continued to make a name for himself as one of the best surfers of all time, he also collaborated with some professional surfers and friends like Rob Machado and Peter King, to form a music band named The Surfers. In 1998, the band released their first album titled ‘Songs from the Pipe’.

In addition to surfing and singing, Kelly also did take some acting roles in such films as Bra Boys, Down the Barrel, The Ultimate Wave Tahiti, and Waveriders. In TV series, he appeared in Baywatch of the early ’90s, as well as the TV show The Girls Next Door.

How Much The Surfer Earned So Far?

Surfing, according to Kelly, is supposed to make one happy and create good experiences. In addition to fulfilling a lifelong dream of becoming one of the most successful surfers of his time, Slater has no doubt been able to raise for himself a meaningful income that could last a test of time. Having been crowned ASP World Tour Champion eleven times, including five consecutive titles from 1994 to 1998, it won’t be a surprise to learn that Kelly’s financial stand falls among the highest in the world so far. His surfing career of over two decades has helped him build an enviable net worth of over $22 million.

Kelly Slater’s income also comes from enviable sponsorship benefits which he enjoyed from an Australian-based surf-inspired brand, Quiksilver from 1990 to 2014. Shortly after, he decided to sign a new deal with fashion brand conglomerate, Kering which now takes care of his outfits. The Channel Islands surfboards he rides are decorated with his own signature series of FCS fin masons.

While he was making huge income from his surfing career, Kelly also made some earnings from acting. Although he did not reveal how much he earned, there is no doubt that his recurring role as Jimmy Slade in 8 episodes of the 1990s TV series Baywatch.

As a businessman, Kelly Slater owns the Kelly Slater Wave Company which is in charge of a manmade wave at Surf Ranch in Central California. Although it is not the first manmade surf ranch, it is definitely the best for holding elite surfing competitions.

Kelly Slater’s Dating History – Who Has The Surfer Dated In the Past?

Tall and good-looking with an enviable height of 5 feet 9 inches and a commensurate weight of 73 kg, Kelly Slater has always been the lady’s kind of guy. Of course, while much of the ladies go for his perfectly built physique, a lot more are attracted by his surfing skills which have accorded him a well-deserved reputation. The Cocoa beach native, like most celebrities, has always preferred keeping his love life out of the prying eyes of the public but somehow, this part of his private life has continued to attract the interest of millions of followers around the world.

Currently, Kelly seems to be putting a final stop to his dating spree as it has become public knowledge that he is romantically committed to his girlfriend Kalani Miller who is professionally a fashion designer, model, and surfer. Born in San Clemente, Miller is also a well-celebrated personality, especially on Instagram where she records thousands of followers. Also, she is known for running an online swimwear boutique known as MIKOH, with one of her two sisters – Oleema. Her other siblings include Hana and Jason.

Kalani was spotted in Sydney with an engagement ring on her engagement finger which has triggered exciting rumors of a possible wedding. The questions on the minds of the surfer’s fans are, has Kelly Slater already popped the big question, and when did it happen? To give more credence to the rumor, The Daily Telegraph published reports that the duo was seen recently trying to buy an engagement ring.

Kelly and Miller have been dating for close to a decade now and they seem not to be giving up on each other but prior to his current relationships, the professional surfer has dated a couple of ladies and for some reason, they are no longer part of his life. Let’s take a look at a list of his past girlfriends.

Tamara (1996)

In 1996, Kelly dated a beautiful lady named Tamara even though his relationship with her was not so popular as it is with his current girlfriend, Miller. Not much is known about her, including her surname and occupation. The two dated in 1996 and while the reason behind their breakup is not known, their relationship did have an impact on his life. His encounter with Tamara brought about the birth of his daughter Taylor – who was born in 1996.

Pamela Anderson (1998-2000)

An Interesting List of Kelly Slater’s Ex Girlfriends, Daughter and His Earning Power
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Between 1998-2000, the Florida-native also dated Pamela Anderson, a Canadian-American model, actress, and animal rights activist and their love life was quite pronounced as they are both seen together at events and competitions. Pamela who is best known for her appearance in Baywatch has also taken on roles in TV series like Home Improvement and V.I.P. She also made appearances on covers of Playboy magazine, however, it is not clear why the two separated.

Gisele Bündchen (2005-2006)

An Interesting List of Kelly Slater’s Ex Girlfriends, Daughter and His Earning Power
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Next on Kelly’s list of girlfriends is Gisele Bündchen, a Brazilian model who he met in 2005 – a few months after she separated from her then-boyfriend, Leonardo DiCaprio. Unfortunately, their relationship only lasted only about eight months before they separated in 2006. During their dating period, Gisele was named among the highest-paid models in the world. She was also named among the richest women in the entertainment industry.

Cameron Diaz (2007)

An Interesting List of Kelly Slater’s Ex Girlfriends, Daughter and His Earning Power
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Kelly’s affair with Cameron Diaz was his last before he finally hooked up with Kelani Miller. The relationship between Kelly and Diaz kicked off shortly after Diaz broke up with Justin Timberlake in 2007. Unfortunately, the union somehow did not last long as well. Everything came to an end in the same year it started.

Who Is Kelly Slater’s Daughter?

Although Kelly is not yet officially married, he does have a child, a daughter named Taylor Slater. Taylor was raised by Kelly and his then-girlfriend, Tamara. She is currently a visual artist and she has gained fame from her art exhibitions.