Ana Cozar – Biography, Family, Facts about the Spanish Fitness Icon

Ana Cozar – Biography, Family, Facts about the Spanish Fitness Icon

Ana Cozar is more than just a fitness icon; in fact, she is fitness in itself. A first glance at Ana would definitely make you have a rethink your eating habit and lifestyle in general. As far as fitness or athletics is concerned, Cozar rules on any platform you can think of.

It was all about hard work and of course, passion. From lifting weights as a teenager to kickboxing at a young age, Ana Cozar is more than fit to be a model in the fitness field. We bet you would love to know what life for the bodybuilder has been like. Here is everything you need to know about her.

Ana Cozar – Biography

Ana Cozar was born in Madrid, Spain on the 27th of September 1981. Ana always exhibited so much strength and tenacity as a child and always had a passion for fitness. It was this drive that made young Cozar join kickboxing even before she was old and fit enough. She started at the age of 16 and did not always meet up the requirements. More so, she was the smallest of the fighters there, causing her to be segregated oftentimes.

Ana had enough of the relegation and decided to do things to enhance her body. Weightlifting was the first that came to mind. She immediately signed up in a gym and started to lift different kinds of weights; little did she know she was in for some discrimination by society.

As she gradually became muscular, Ana became a subject of ridicule in school, with many making jests of her large muscles. At the time, it was expected that as a girl she should appear less muscular, slim, and soft like other girls. But Ana had other plans; her passion was more important than what society expected of her.

She continued to work hard and even put in more energy to achieve the physique she wanted. It was not an easy journey, Cozar spent years training and building her muscles. She saw every day at the gym as an opportunity to be stronger. Day after day, she improved, and as she did, she drew attention to herself as people began to see a different Ana Cozar emerge.

Ana had metamorphosed into a sturdy and strongly built woman by the year 2009. The result of her years of rigorous training was a heavily built muscular body and she was more than proud of herself. As she always dreamed of, she immediately started competing. Cozar became a Bikini Athlete and participated in ‘Ms. Rio’ show 2009.

Ana Cozar – Biography, Family, Facts about the Spanish Fitness Icon
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She secured a neat victory in the competition and took home the trophy. Ana’s win motivated her to do even more; she wanted to become a professional and only more work would secure that for her. She put in more and more work at the gym to further enhance her body shape. By 2010, she was satisfied enough with her physique and joined the International Federation of BodyBuilding & Fitness (IFBB) show.

Ana Cozar entered the Physique category and competed with other bodybuilders to impress the judges. After winning the competition, she got her pro card and was automatically a professional – which was what she had always dreamed of.  It has been an interesting journey for the fitness professional who has continued to work to achieve even more.


We do not have information regarding the parents of the fitness guru. But Ana Cozar was born and raised in Madrid, Spain. Her parents sent her to a public school where she developed a firm resolve to go into fitness, despite being ridiculed by other students. Reports have it that Cozar resides in Cali, Colombia, but it is not certain if her parents also now reside in the same city.

 Other Facts about the Spanish fitness Icon

Height and Weight

The strongly sculpted body of the fitness guru surprisingly weighs about 62 kg. She stands at a proportional height of 5 ft 5 in. Ana has her body specifications given as 34 inches for chest, 24 inches for waist, and 40 inches for hip, which is more than impressive.

Social Media Presence

Ana Cozar is also a well-known internet sensation with a massive social media presence. Cozar did not only build her body but also built a strong fan base as her physique started to change. With over 2 million followers on Instagram and thousands more on other platforms, and a face and body that keeps her followers engaged, Ana can hardly go anywhere unnoticed.

Net Worth & Earnings

Although the public is not in the know with regards to her net worth, Ana Cozar has investments that qualify her as a professional. The bodybuilder has her own company where she trains young boys and girls in weightlifting. She is a Ronnie Coleman-sponsored athlete and also an ambassador for the bodybuilding wear site, Ryderwear. All these engagements and many more of her personal endeavors add to her earnings as a fitness model, bodybuilder, and trainer.

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