Angela Means Biography – Husband, Net Worth and Family Facts

Angela Means Biography – Husband, Net Worth and Family Facts

In 1995 and on the set of the film Friday, Angela Means earned the sought-after recognition she needed to push her acting career to the next level. Her character in the film birthed the ‘Bye Felicia’ meme which went viral around the 2010s. The actress doubles as a comedian and model, among other talents she has at her fingertips.

Asides from giving life to the character of Felicia, Angela Means depicted other notable characters before her retirement and we have all the deets herein.

Who is Angela Means and How Old is She?

She was born on November 19, 1963, in the United States of America, to a large family of mixed ethnicity. She grew up in Michigan on her family’s 175-acre farm, just outside of Ann Arbor. Due to the nature of her upbringing, Angela Means discovered the benefits that come from eating just fruits and vegetables very early in life. She equally learned how to grow them with so much pride.

Raised a vegetarian, Angela Means adopted the vegan lifestyle which informed her side job asides from acting. Making the most of her stunning body features, Angela means became a runway model for Bill Blass and Bob Mackie. Her job as a model took off when she was a 19-year-old. She also worked as a dog walker with Dog Rescuers which saw her walk dogs for several hours and stayed on this job for five years.

After launching her acting career in 1995, Angela Means started with small roles and gradually became famous, mostly thanks to her role as Felicia in the film Friday. The role which gave rise to the catchphrase ‘Bye Felicia’ gained worldwide recognition, shining the spotlight on her in the process. Notably, it wasn’t her but Ice Cube who said the line in the film.

Other projects Angela Means has worked on include House Party 3, Cousin Skeeter, The Cherokee Kid, Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper (TV series), In Living Color, Sprung, A Luv Tale, and The Dirty Game.

Angela Means Biography – Husband, Net Worth and Family Facts
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Recently, her presence was felt in her portrayal of Raven in the series, The American Family Dreamers, as well as a film titled The Regiment (yet to be released). During her time as a stand-up comedian, she toured alongside Bernie Mac, Chris Rock, as well as Def Comedy Jam’s national tour. She did standup comedy until the age of 23 before moving on to other ventures.

Her other career achievements include her former position as the director of operations for the American Youth Football in California; video director; producer; archiver, photographer, and personal chef.

Though she left the entertainment industry to take care of her family, her love for cooking and nature has kept her busy as she established her own vegan cafe. She first started with a line of raw puddings and desserts which she sold at RAWkin Juice in Burbank in 2014 and in 2017, she followed it up with her own restaurant called Jackfruit Cafe, located in California. The restaurant offers delicious meatless options for vegetarians.

Top magazines like Essence, LA Weekly, and Page Six have recognized Jackfruit Cafe on their pages.

Family Facts Details: Meet Her Husband

Angela Means is currently presumed to be single but she was once married to Brad Kaaya Sr. Brad is a former screenwriter credited for works like the movie O, as well as TV series like Cousin Skeeter, Damon, and MADtv. Apparently, he worked with Angela at some point while she was active in the movie world but it’s not clear if that’s how they met.

While they were married, the two welcomed a son – Brad Kaaya Jr., born September 3, 1995. The marriage, however, came to an end when the younger Kaaya was five years old. Both parents maintained a cordial relationship and trained their children together. Angela’s son now resides in Miami, Florida, and earns a living as an American football quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts of the National Football League.

Angela Means Net Worth

Angela Means has carved a niche in various fields of endeavor and is expected to enjoy a fortune from her efforts. According to some sources, the Friday actress has an estimated net worth of $300,000 which might be underrated considering her career that goes beyond acting to extend to modeling and the business world. Her correct net worth is still under review.

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