Annika Boron – Biography Facts, Everything You Need To Know

Annika Boron is a social media star and model whose fame comes from the massive followership she has amassed on social media platforms like Instagram. Beyond social media, she was drawn into the news when she was hacked and her privacy invaded with the release of some NSFW materials including nude pictures and videos with her boyfriend at the time, NHL’s Kasperi Kapanen.

Annika Boron Biography

It was on July 8, 1998, in Toronto, Canada that Annika Boron was born. She was brought up in the Great White North alongside a sister whose name has remained elusive. Like most other social media celebrities, information regarding her parents, education, and things of that sort are missing from the public domain.

Of Icelandic, Polish, Irish, Slovakian, and English descent, she got her education from three different high schools. Annika Boron revealed that she did not have the best time when she was in high school because she was not treated well.

After her high school education, she proceeded to Western University in London, Ontario, Canada. Even though it was the university that all her friend attended, she left only after a year because she felt it was not for her because it was affecting her mental health. While there, she studied Media Information Technology, which was not what she was interested in.

A lover of beauty, Annika Boron started sharing her pictures on social media including Snapchat and Instagram where she has come to get many followers thanks to her good looks.

Having built her own Instagram to a good place, she decided to start her YouTube channel because she felt Instagram was all about videos and photos but did not allow her to share so many things she has to share.

She has close to 200,000 followers on Instagram and more than a hundred thousand subscribers on YouTube.

Annika Boron has modeled for many brands including Brandy Melville which happened by chance. According to her, what took her to the fashion store was to look for a job and she ended up getting the job as well as the opportunity to model for the clothing and fashion accessories brand. She also got the opportunity to model for the brand in Los Angeles on a fulltime basis but she turned down the offer since she is from Toronto.

Facts You Need To Know About Annika Boron

1. Dating: When it comes to her relationship life, the young beauty has only been publicly linked to NHL player, Kasperi Kapanen. Born in 1996, Kasperi and Boron dated for quite some time, although it is not known how they met. The guess is that they met in Toronto since Kapanen who is originally from Finland plays for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

In February 2019, they were both in the news after their nude pictures and videos together were leaked online after the account of Annika was allegedly hacked. Before too long after the embarrassing pictures and videos that counted over forty were released, it was reported that the NHL star has got himself another girlfriend who is also a model, Paige Lorenze.

We do not know, however, if the leaked materials have contributed to ending their relationship. On her part, it is not known if she has gone into any relationship at the moment, although she still seems to be single.

2. Net Worth: Annika Boron works mainly as a model and social media star who also runs her own YouTube channel, as already stated. While these have been able to get in some money her way, her exact net worth still remains unknown. As of 2018, she revealed that apart from what she is known for, she also works at a restaurant.

3. Her advice for people who want to model: The first tip of Annika Boron to people who want to model is for them to forsake the ambition. She revealed that it is a messed up industry and it doesn’t last for a long time before one is told one is old and ugly.

4. Height and Weight: Boron is a very tall woman who is blessed also with good looks. She has a height of 5 feet 9 inches. With a slim body build, Boron has a body weight of 109 pounds which she maintains by working out and eating healthy. She is a vegan.

5. Things she loves: She is passionate about things like mental health, fitness, veganism, and she loves animals and watching animal documentaries.

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