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Betty Gabriel is one of the finest actresses in Hollywood who recently became more famous when she featured in movies such as; Get Out, The Purge: Election Year, and Experimenter.

Betty Gabriel Biography and Acting Career

The pulchritudinous screen diva was born in Washington D.C and raised in Hyattsville and Pittsburgh. She graduated from the Iowa University where she bagged a degree in Animal Science/Pre-Vet. She later relocated to Chicago in order to acquire knowledge on the technicalities of acting.

After several years of performing as a dancer-cum-actor at several renowned theaters such as the Victory Gardens and Steppenwolf; Betty Gabriel decided to take her studies to the next level after she graduated from Julliard.

Although Betty Gabriel is still on the climb up in the industry, there is a short wiki page assigned to her name. Betty has also acted in the following movies and series; He’s Way More Famous Than You (2013), Experimenter (2015), Good Girls Revolt (2015 – 2016), The Purge: Election Year (2016), Get Out, and Beyond Skyline (2017).

In the movie The Purge: Election Year, Betty Gabriel played the role of Laney Rucker but did not rate so well in this particular movie. She later got the chance to redeem herself in the next movie she featured in – Get Out; where she did amazingly well with the character she played.

Betty Gabriel In Get Out

Betty played a vital role in the movie Get Out. The film could be pellucidly described as a box office powerhouse, as it won several awards. It emerged as one of the biggest contestants so far, earning the National Board of Review, Gotham Awards, New York Film Critics Circle, and the Los Angeles Film Critics Association.

Through the Likes of Betty Gabriel and other characters, we were able to have a foray, and know the thematic thrust of this intriguing movie. Get Out is a film that illuminates and raises public awareness on several significant social issues. It is an interesting one because it has been able to demonstrate the powerful use of mobility pictures to reflect our collective social uneasiness which remains stronger than ever. The blockbuster movie earned a whopping sum of 254 million dollars worldwide on a budget of $4.5 million.

More so, Get Out is a horror film that centers on benevolent racism. The film did not mention the lynchings, growling hate, and burning crosses that are caused by racism, but rather; It tries to show the racist behavior of the whites towards the blacks. Racism is presented as something you can feel in your stomach, and it is done wickedly in a humorous way.

Get Out – The Movie

We could see vividly in the movie a young black man (Daniel Kaluuya) who went with his girlfriend (Allison Williams) to see her parents but is not liked by the girl’s parents because he is a Black man. Betty Gabriel (who played the role of Georgina) happens to be the housekeeper in the family estate. She is also a victim of racism as we could see in the movie when Bradley Whitford (Allison’s father) apologized to Daniel for having two black servants in a white man’s estate.

Get Out draws on the innate experience of being colonized or objectified by another consciousness. It’s about the way other consciousness invades one’s body. The movie gives the feeling of objectifying the body in order to be feared, desired, or operated upon.

The movie portrays blacks as people who cannot be compared to whites because they are blacks are less human. This is why we could see the harsh experience meted out to Betty Gabriel and other blacks in this fascinating movie.

Betty On Social Media

Still a little new to the world of fame, Betty Gabriel does not have a lot of followers on her social media profiles. Though she has a verified account on Instagram with over six thousand followers, she hasn’t yet been verified on Twitter where she only has slightly above five thousand followers.

Betty Gabriel could be said to be averagely active via her social media platforms. She has just over 90 posts on her Instagram page and over 162 tweets on Twitter; which is pretty much low for a public figure.

She’s pretty responsive on her Twitter account; where she responds to fans and share various articles and tweets she feels passionate about. On Instagram, she posts mostly personal pictures, work-related pictures, and her social experiences.

You can follow her both on Twitter and Instagram via the handle @thebettygabriel

Is Betty Gabriel Married? Husband, kids

Unfortunately, there is currently no information regarding her personal life, her family, and whether or not she is married with kids. We believe this information will be made available as she becomes more popular and the media pays more keen interest in her life.

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