Braison Cyrus – Bio, Age, Height, Siblings, Parents, Family

Braison Cyrus – Bio, Age, Height, Siblings, Parents, Family

Braison Cyrus is an American model, singer, and aspiring actor who is perhaps best known as the son of the very popular musician, Billy Ray Cyrus, and the younger brother of popular singer Miley Cyrus. Hailing from an uber-popular entertainment family, Braison’s popularity seems to be on the increase by the year. In 2019, news surfaced that he was engaged to be married to a certain Stella McBride. Here is all you need to know about this Billy Ray Cyrus’ son.

Braison Cyrus Bio (Age)

Braison Chance Cyrus was born in Nashville, Tennessee in the United States of America on May 9, 1994. He is the second child in the marriage of his parents – musician Billy Ray Cyrus and Leticia “Tish” Cyrus (nee Finley); he is also the 5th child out of the 6 children of his father. Braison Cyrus grew up in a home that had a lot of musical and acting influences, as his father and sisters were his first window into the showbiz world.

At 7, he appeared in his first acting gig in a medical drama titled Dog (2001). He also appeared in the movie Hannah Montana (2009) which also featured his father, Billy Ray Cyrus, older sister, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Vanessa Williams, and so many other stars.

Braison attended the Pasadena School of Arts, and this is the only bit of information available about his education. Some rumors have it that Braison spent most of his time while in school with his father on his several tours around the country; they posited that he had been ensnared by the allure of the showbiz world and had already made up his mind that he was going to follow in his father’s footsteps.

When Braison Cyrus turned 18, he put pen to paper on his first modeling contract with an agency called Wilhelmina models in 2012. He, however, had to wait 5 years later before he made his debut in Catwalk at the Milan Men’s Fashion Week, where he modeled for the global brand Dolce & Gabbana, strutting his stuff in their spring collection for that year.


Braison Cyrus was reported to have dated Christina Schwarzenegger, daughter of famous actor and politician, Arnold Schwarzenegger. The affair was a very brief one, lasting for just about a month.

Sometime between 2017 and 2018, Braison began dating visual merchandiser and social media personality, Stella McBride. Their relationship went on so well that he used the opportunity provided by the occasion of his sister (Miley) celebrating her 26th birthday to propose to Stella.

In November 2018 when he proposed, he gifted her a unique opal engagement ring instead of the usual diamond-studded ring. He then took to his Instagram page to announce their engagement, posting a picture where he was kissing his wife-to-be and obviously showing off her engagement ring.

Braison Cyrus – Bio, Age, Height, Siblings, Parents, Family
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Braison Cyrus’ Family (Parents and Siblings)

Branson’s parents are Leticia Finley and Billy Ray Cyrus. His father, Billy, is an award-winning country music singer who began singing when he was just 4. Billy’s father was a politician and a former steelworker, who also played the guitar very well. Billy schooled at Georgetown College, Kentucky in the United States on a basketball scholarship, but he would later switch to music after he attended a Neil Diamond concert. He decided that he wanted to become a musician by all means and dropped out of college as a result of this self-discovery, setting for himself a goal to become a musician in 10 months.

After Billy got divorced from his first wife in 1991, he began dating Leticia Finley and in 1992, the relationship produced a daughter they named Miley Ray Cyrus (who they also called Destiny Hope at the time of her birth). Billy and Leticia got married in 1993 and had a son, Braison Cyrus in 1994. Also, a daughter named Noah Cyrus was born to the couple in 2000. At the time Billy and Leticia got married, Billy adopted 2 other children – Brandi and Trace whom she had from her previous marriage.

Between the years 2000 and 2007, there was a back and forth filing for divorce due to irreconcilable differences between Leticia and Billy Cyrus. In a court hearing in 2017, the divorce case filed by the couple was thrown out as both parties failed to appear in court for the determination of their suit.

Braison Cyrus has a half-sibling named Christopher Cyrus, who is the product of his father’s relationship with Kristin Luckey.

Body Measurements

Braison Cyrus has a very good physique as a model and is obviously very handsome. He is 6 feet (1.83 meters) tall and weighs about 78 Kilograms (171 lb).