Britt Lower – Biography, Height, Parents, Facts About The Actress

Britt Lower is a talented American actress who began her career in the acting industry in the year 2008. She is most notable today for her starring in the FXX American comedy television series titled Man Seeking Woman where she played the character of Liz. Aside from this work, she is also noted for starring on the CBS American police procedural crime drama television series titled Unforgettable. Find out more about the delectable actress below and what made her the darling of many film and TV series watchers.

Britt Lower – Biography

Britt was born on the 2nd of August in the year 1985 under the Leo zodiac sign in Heyworth, Illinois. Her birth name is Brittney Leigh Lower. From an early age, she began showing an affinity for the arts which was encouraged by her parents – her mother in particular.

After the completion of her high school studies, Britt Lower enrolled at Northwestern University where she began studying Theater. During her stay in college, she was a member of the Northwestern University’s Titanic Players, ImprovOlympic, Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) and equally worked under Armando Diaz. Her Old Tom Jar, Titanic improv team in 2008 won the College Comedy Championship in the same year she also graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Theatre.

Following her graduation from college, Britt in 2009 joined the comedy troupe, The Striking Viking Story Pirates. In the following year and the years that followed, she ventured into the bigger acting industry properly and quickly gained ground in the highly competitive and talent-driven industry.

Britt Lower registered her first professional acting credit as Meg in 7 episodes of the television series titled Big Lake (2010). The following year, she starred on Unforgettable as Tanya Sitkowsky in 13 episodes of the series which ran from 2011 to 2014. Between these years, the actress portrayed various characters in films and television series like A Gifted Man (2012), Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (2012), Beside Still Waters (2013) and Mutual Friends (2013).

She recorded yet another big break in the industry when she starred as Liz Greenberg, a series regular in Man Seeking Woman (2015-2017). While on this project, Leigh played the character of Ursula in Those People and Mrs. Geernt in Sisters both in 2015. She was Rayne in Bad Internet (episode: The Seven Billionth Wheel), Sarah Finn in Casual and Phoenix/Kimberley Miller in Domain, all in 2016. In 2017, she acted in Wrecked, Ghosted, Future Man, Mr. Roosevelt, and Pillow Talk. One of her most recent works as at when we last updated is High Maintenance. In it, she acted as Lee in 4 episodes of the American comedy-drama television and web series created by Ben Sinclair and Katja Blichfeld.


Britt Lower was born to Steven Lower (father) and Mickey Lower (mother). Seeing that her mother is equally art inclined as a face painter, it is apparent that it was from her that Britt inherited her artistic talent. Similarly, while she was growing up, her mother encouraged her to go into face painting. Aside from her parents, it is not known if the actress has any siblings either biological, adopted or perhaps she is an only child.

Height And Other Facts About The Actress

Height, Weight, And Body Measurements

Standing at a height of 5 feet 6 inches or 1.70m, Britt Lower is obviously not the tallest actress in Hollywood neither is she the shortest. But at that height, she is 2 inches taller than the average American woman whose height is 5 feet 4 inches.

The actress weighs about 55kg or 121 lb. Her bust measures 34 inches which are clad in bra size 34A, she has a waist measurement of 26 inches while her hips are 36 inches. Britt has black hair and her eyes are dark brown in color.

Vegan Lifestyle

Going by reports filed in by a couple of celebrity news websites, the Man Seeking Woman and Unforgettable star lives on a vegan diet.

Social Media

On social media, you can find and follow Britt Low on Instagram via the handle brittle, while on Twitter, you can do the same @brittlower. On Facebook, she has a fan page aptly named Britt Lower Fans.


We earlier mentioned that Brittney Leigh Lower is art inclined which she probably inherited from her mother. Her artistic talent didn’t stop in face painting and acting alone, she is equally a painter with lots of beautiful works to show just how rich her creative mind is with ideas. You can see some of her paintings on her Instagram handle.

Relationship – Who Is Her Boyfriend?

Britt Lower belongs to the crop of celebrities who cherish keeping information about their relationship life private. She has not disclosed who she is in love with neither has anyone within or outside her circle given us an inkling that they have something going on between them.

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