Brittany Cherry – Does She Have A Boyfriend? Facts About The Dancer

Brittany Cherry – Does She Have A Boyfriend? Facts About The Dancer

Brittany Cherry is a gifted dancer and choreographer who is best known as one of the contestants on the show Dancing With the Stars where she also serves as a tour member. She is a versatile performer trained in several dance styles, including hip hop, tumble, jazz, contemporary, ballet, standard, tap, and Latin ballroom, which happens to be her most preferred dance genre. She has performed with several of the best dancers in the business and has learned at the feet of countless others. Despite being so young, Brittany is already leaving her mark in the dancing world and making a name for herself as one of the most talented dancers in the business.

She is very impassioned about using music and rhythm as a vehicle for expression and doesn’t hesitate to move her body whenever a tune comes on. Brittany has been able to land several lucrative gigs along the way. She was featured in the video for Ed Sheeran‘s Thinking Out Loud in which she performed a contemporary routine. Her resume also includes work for Nickelodeon, Disney, So You Think You Can Dance, and performances with major artists including Patty Labelle, Huey Lewis, Taylor Swift, Andy Grammer, and Kevin Hart.

Brittany Cherry Biography

The Dancing With the Stars winner was born in Pleasant Grove, Utah, on the 2nd of May 1994. She discovered her love for dancing when she was only 3 years old, so, she convinced her mother to register her for dance classes and she has never been able to stop dancing since.

Brittany tried other activities such as sports but none of them made her feel as good as when she was moving her body, thus, she decided to pitch her tent there. After deciding that dance was what gave her life purpose and passion, she decided to pursue a career as a professional dancer, no matter what it took. She trained with top-rated coaches from all over America, participated in competitions, and got on as many professional shows as she could. When she was 13, Brittany won the kid’s edition of Dancing With the Stars and relocated to Los Angeles, where more opportunities opened up for her.

In her adult career, Brittany Cherry has displayed exceptional talent and has unlocked new heights along the way. She went from being a participant in the hit television series So You Think You Can Dance to becoming a choreographer for the show. She has also been involved in several national dance tours and has performed at prestigious venues at events in the country and beyond. Some of the shows she has been featured in include Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Building a Dances, and Killer Bodies.

The dance star has also performed in the video for Get Your Name by Mark Ballas, at the EMA’s in Scotland, in the North American Tour of Move amongst others. Despite the many injuries, rejections, and struggles that her career has thrown at her, Brittany does not plan on slowing down. Instead, she is looking forward to the excitement that each new day will bring.

Brittany Cherry – Does She Have A Boyfriend? Facts About The Dancer
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Does Brittany Cherry Have a Boyfriend?

Dance isn’t the only love in Brittany Cherry’s life, she also has a boyfriend whom she adores and cares deeply for. Her beloved is named Bryan Agnew and goes by the alias bryanthedude. They spend a lot of time together and there are tons of pictures on their social media pages to prove that.

Although the couple does not hesitate to show off their love, they have still managed to keep a low profile in their relationship, so it is unclear how exactly they crossed paths or when they decided to start dating.

Brittany and her boyfriend are living their best in each other’s company and loving every bit of it. They seem genuinely happy and neither of them has any intention of letting the other go anytime soon. If things keep going as well as they are, wedding bells might ring sometime in the not-so-distant future.

Other Facts About The Dancer

1. She is 5 feet 1 inch tall in height.

2. Brittany Cherry was born with a hearing defect which made it difficult for her to understand language or figure out the direction of any sound.

3. Her work as a dancer and choreographer has helped her amass considerable wealth.

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