Camille Hyde – Biography, Age, Family, Facts About The Actress

Camille Hyde is an American actress who started her trade in the entertainment industry as a 4-year-old girl. She grew right before us on the screen and was notable for being the first African-American woman to portray the character of a Pink Power Ranger (Shelby Watkins) in Power Rangers Dino Charge (2015-2016). Indeed, to live and act up to the expectations of this role, Camille had to work extremely hard. It is as a result of this hard work and its replication in every other film project that she is on, that has made her someone of importance in the acting industry.

How much do you know about the Pink Ranger’s life off the screen? Perhaps just a couple of things here and there. However, here is a concise account of her biography, family, career, net worth and every other tidbit we gathered about the beloved Power Ranger.

Camille Hyde – Biography, Age

Camille Hyde was born on the 11th of November 1993 in Washington, D.C., the United States, where she was also raised. There are no words yet on who her parents are but from what we gathered, they are supportive of their daughter’s interest in acting. Also, seeing that Camille is of African American ethnicity, it is obvious that either one or both of her parents are African Americans.

She began showing interest in entertainment as a preschooler. Little Camille sang and acted in her school’s musicals throughout her childhood. When she got older, when she was 17, she relocated to Los Angeles, California to lift up her acting career while also studying at the same time. Camille Hyde enrolled at Chapman University where she majored in policy and environmental science. While at Chapman, her love for horses led her to become a member of the equestrian club. Camille later became the president of the club.

Seeing that she was in the state where the seat of Hollywood is situated, Hyde left nothing to chance to give her acting career a major start. She left her studies to attend the audition for the television series Power Rangers Dino Charge. Camille Hyde got the role of Shelby Watkins, AKA the Pink Dino Charge Ranger in the series. It was this role that made her famous as an actor as well as endeared her to many people.

Aside from her Pink Ranger character, the Washington born actress also has credits in films like Killer Kids (2012) as Makia Coney, Talk to Me (2014) as Teenage Brittany, the 2016 short film Sunnyville Heights where she acted as Victoria, Roxy in The Thundermans (2016), Naomi Davenport in Lab Rats: Elite Force (2016), and 2 Broke Girls (2017) as Bunny.


For now, no revelations have been made about the family members of Camille Hyde; who her parents are, what they did/do and also whether she has siblings or is an only child. This notwithstanding, being that she began honing her acting skills from an early age, it is probable that her family has been in full sport of her career.

Facts About The Actress

Seeing the success Camille Hyde has recorded in her career the few years she has been around, the question on the lips of most people and her fans, in general, is ‘what is her net worth’?

There has been a myriad of answers to this but from all we gathered, no two reports were definitive about her exact net worth. Some quoted an extravagant amount for her net worthwhile others were extremely conservative pegging her net worth to be about a couple of hundred thousand dollars. Be that as it may, let’s take it to be that her net worth is still under review.


Aside from what you have learned here about Camille Hyde having interest in horses and of course acting which she lives and breathes on, let’s quickly add that there is more to her than these two interests. The Pink Ranger did not jettison her interest in music which was evident when she was a kid. She learned how to play the piano and will readily show her dance steps when she hears contemporary music, pop, jazz, and even hip hop.

  • Body Measurements and Features

Camille stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches or 1.70m, she weighs between 53kg to 55kg. Her bust measures 32 inches, waist – 23 inches while her hips are measured at 33 inches. The American actress has a dark brown hair color which is a perfect compliment for her dark brown eyes.


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