Carmen King Biography – 5 Interesting Facts You Need To Know

Carmen King is a Canadian YouTube and Twitch star who got famous for posting Sims gameplays online. She is also noted and loved by many for her seductive gameplay mini videos which have continued to amass an ever increasing number of followers on her YouTube channel and indeed all over her social media accounts.

Though Carmen is known to a lot of people as a social media celebrity, the YouTuber has succeeded in keeping a lot of information about herself away from the public. Nevertheless, we have gathered a couple of facts about her as you will find below.

Carmen King’s Biography

The YouTube star was born on the 30th day of January in the year 1998 in Toronto, Canada. Carmen King is Canadian by nationality while her ethnicity is Caucasian.

Regarding her childhood, she has not let anything out in that regard; such things like the schools she attended, the activities that interested her, and whatnot are not known. Similarly, information about who her parents are, what they do, and whether or not she has siblings are all not yet publicly known. Be that as it may, it is believed that Carmen’s family members will no doubt be proud of her achievements in the short time she kicked off her career.

Carmen King possibly first began her social media endeavors when she created her eponymous YouTube channel on April 12, 2016. She started off on a good note, making videos related to Sims 4 with her first being ‘SIMSELF #1 | Getting in Trouble?! | The Sims 4’. She followed this up with more Sims 4 videos depicting short stories about various characters in the video games. After over a year of starting off with Sims 4 videos, she made her first video related to IMVU which she titled ‘Lesbian Action In IMVU’. A few months later, she went back to Sims and uploaded ‘Make No Mistake Challenge #2 | The Sims 4’ which went viral. This marked the beginning of better days for Carmen as the video amassed a large number of views which also led some of the viewers to subscribe to her channel.

Today, Carmen King’s channel has grown to be recognized as one of a kind on YouTube and she is famed for making commendable videos on games like Sims 4, IMVU, GTA 5, Detroit Become Human, Bitlife, Until Dawn, and many others. Some of the popular videos on her channel aside from those mentioned above include ‘Hooking Up With Every Townie In The Sims 4’, ‘Breed Out The Ugly Challenge – The Sims 4’, etc.

Interesting Facts To Know About Carmen King

1. Net Worth 

There is certainly lots of monetary rewards that come from what Carmen King does, such that a lot of people just like her, are making a career out of it. Available estimates have it that she earns between $10,000 to $166,000 from her YouTube channel yearly, taking into consideration the number of daily views she gets and the growth rate of her subscribers. In view of that, her net worth is estimated to be chasing $1 million as at the time we last updated this article.

2. Love Life

Carmen’s penchant for keeping information about her life private extends to her love life. Though she is the crush of many guys as evident on her social media handles, she has not in any way revealed who her heartthrob is. Perhaps she is single, perhaps not; we will keep a close eye on her to catch the slightest piece of information available about this aspect of her life.

3. Body Measurements

Carmen King stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches. She has hazel colored eyes and has been known to wear her hair in many colors.

4. Twitch and Other Social Media Handles

The Toronto born YouTuber star can be found on Instagram via @carmenkingz, and Twitter @CarmenKingy. Her YouTube channel bears her name – Carmen Kingy – and you will find her on Twitch as Carmenkingy. Carmen has another YouTube channel which she named Carmen’s Cake.

5. Rumors and Controversies

Being a social media celebrity almost hardly comes without having one rumor or controversy making the rounds about one every now and then. But unlike most of her counterparts, Carmen King has succeeded greatly at being free from any of these, instead, she gets lots of love and commendation from her teeming fans.

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