Christian Delgrosso Wiki, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Net Worth and Other Facts

Christian Delgrosso Wiki, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Net Worth and Other Facts

Christian Delgrosso is a very versatile, highly talented, and hardworking individual who has risen to fame thanks to various social media sites such as Vine and YouTube. With massive followership on other platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, Delgrosso has also tried acting among other things. Considering all that he is involved in, he has generated a lot of interest with many people who want to know more about him.

Christian Delgrosso Bio and Age

He was born on May 24, 1993, in Ontario, Canada and it was in the country that he was raised alongside his brother in Toronto. While growing up, all that he had ever wanted to be was an actor.

For his education, he got his high school certificate from Richmond Hill Ontario. He also decided to try out acting school when he was working in a Sandwich shop before he was introduced to Vine by his friend.

In the end, what brought him fame like many other teenagers in recent times is social media. He began on the Vine as a vlogger before moving on to YouTube where he continued sharing his videos. On Vine, he was said to have risen to as much as 7 million followers while on YouTube he has over 2.3 million subscribers with close to 400 million views even before the mid of 2018.

Apart from the vlogging sites, he is also enjoying massive followership on various other social media sites including Facebook where he has close to 2 million likes, Twitter where he has over 1.8 million followers, and over 3.2 million on Instagram.

Although it was on Vine and later YouTube that he began and got famous, Christian Delgrosso has also extended his activities to movies. He has acted in the movie, Mono (2016) where he played the role of Bucky, School Spirits (2017, and The Discovery of the Divine Consciousness (2018), among others. The YouTube star has also been a part of the Netflix documentary Chasing Cameron.

Girlfriend and Dating

Christian Delgrosso has been in a relationship with another YouTube star, Kristen McGowan. He has featured in various videos of his girlfriend where he partakes in pranks and other things such as making her up and making her hair.

Christian Delgrosso Wiki, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Net Worth and Other Facts
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Since both of them have their different channels, Christian and Kristen decided to have another channel where they work together, Chris And Kris. They began the channel in 2017, and already, it has gotten over 300 thousand subscribers and it has accumulated close to 10 million views before the mid of 2018.

The two of them first met each other when they were in High School. At the time, both of them were dating other people. When they were both seniors they began as very good friends, and soon afterward, they decided to push it further.

Kristen shuttles between Canada and Los Angeles as a result of her relationship. It is in Los Angeles that they both live. On her channel where she posts videos about a lot of things, she also takes the time to post a lot about her relationship.

Christian Delgrosso Net Worth

More than a simple social media star, Christian Delgrosso is gradually building himself into an entrepreneur and a mainstream entertainer as an actor. He has a net worth that is estimated at over $1.5 million.

While he has made a lot of money from his many social media engagements and movies, he has also made some money for his promotion of various brands using his platforms before he finally left Vine before it was closed. He has promoted brands such as Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Blackpills, and McDonald among many others.


Of average height, the social media heavyweight is also of average weight. He has a height of 1.80 meters (5 feet 11 inches) and a weight of 178 lbs.

Other Facts

He revealed that he wants to venture full-time into the world of virtual reality.

The first video he posted on his vine was alongside his mother while he was showing her how to make vine videos. That was the name of the video.

He does almost all parts of his production himself from coming up with the ideas to production and editing. What this simply means is that he is always busy.

He attended the same High School with his girlfriend, Kristen McGowan.

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