Danielle Busby – Biography, Father, Age, Sisters, Net Worth

One of the rarities in this world is the birth of quintuplets. In fact, their birth is so rare that available statistics have it that quintuplets are only born in 1 out of 60 million births. Even at this, we haven’t factored in the possibility of all the babies being all girls. Therefore it is obvious that such births are miracles any time they happen. Seeing how special it is, it will, of course, be more memorable to chronicle the life and times of any willing family of quintuplets into a reality television show. The Busby’s, which comprise of Danielle Busby, her husband Adam Busby, their first and eldest daughter Blayke Louise and her quintuplets siblings: Ava Lane Busby, Olivia Marie Busby, Hazel Grace Busby, Riley Paige Busby, and Parker Kate Busby jointly formed the TLC American reality series OutDaughtered.

Danielle Busby – Biography, Age

Danielle Busby was born on the 23rd of December in the year 1983 in Lake Charles, Louisiana. She is an American national of White ethnicity. Danielle wasn’t born an only child, she has as her siblings Ashley and Crystal (twin sisters) with whom she grew up under the tutelage of their parents in Louisiana. While we know the name of her doting mom to be Michelle, the same cannot be said of her father who has remained largely missing from all that is going on in Danielle’s celebrity life. Many people have voiced their thoughts on what they feel might be the position of things with him, but none of these are factual.

She met her now husband Adam Busby while working at Target in 2003. Reports have it that the two were actually employees in the large retail outfit. They started off as friends before deciding to take things a little further by dating each other. This then went on for two years at which point they were convinced that marriage was the best thing remaining between them. On the 22nd of June 2006, Danielle and Adam were pronounced husband and wife. They thereafter relocated from Lake Charles, Louisiana to Houston Texas.

It was probably in their plans to try and make a baby after they got married, but none was forthcoming. As they tried the more, they made no progress which led them to thoughts of seeking medical help. The Busby’s went for this following which test results revealed that while Adam had a low sperm count, his wife Danielle had irregular ovulation. The solution to their problem was proffered and it entailed the use of a specialized medication. They were both placed on Clomid in a course of 5 cycles (5 months) of intrauterine insemination on Clomid before they started considering in-vitro fertilization. The couple, however, opted for Femara and attempted intrauterine insemination again which did work. That was how their first daughter Blayke came to be on April 5, 2011.

After the birth of Blayke, Danielle Busby described the feeling as incredible and a miracle to have a baby growing inside her. She, in fact, said “I actually loved being pregnant” but the question that remained to be answered was whether their infertility problems will rise up again? Well, it did become an issue the second time but with Fermara, the couple overcame. She became pregnant on her fourth cycle of intrauterine insemination but this was no ordinary pregnancy. Her ultrasound revealed that she had four sacks of babies developing in her womb with two babies in one sack. Everything went well with the pregnancy and on April 8, 2015, she was delivered of Ava Lane and Olivia Marie (eldest and identical), Hazel Grace, Parker Kate, and Riley Paige (sororal triplets) through a C-section.

The quintuplets were born prematurely and had to spend the first few months of their lives at the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) of Woman’s Hospital Texas. After their birth, a heart murmur was detected in the girls but this was quickly treated. Hazel, however, still had more health issues to contend with. She had congenital nystagmus which caused her to have uncontrolled eye movements. In other to see properly, she had to move her head in unusual angels. She has had surgery for this and in addition, her doctor prescribed the use of specialized eyeglasses which can correct the anomaly as her eye develops.

The Busby couple first appeared on the TLC American reality series OutDaughtered on May 10, 2016, after their lives were turned upside down for good following the birth of their daughters. The show which chronicles the family life of Danielle Busby, her husband and their kids has since it began, continued to draw a huge following much to the delight of the Busby’s.

Net Worth

If not for the quintuplets, we might never have had a reason to write about Adam and Danielle Busby. Similarly, you might also never have had a reason to go searching for information about them. It is apparent that the birth of the girls brought fame and fortune to their family and in this regard, the family’s net worth has been pegged at $300, 000.

Aside from their reality TV show, Danielle and Adam reportedly run an indoor cycling studio in League City, Texas called Rush Cycle.

Father, Sisters

The prominent father figure in the life of Danielle Busby is that of her father-in-law. The old man has even made an appearance on their OutDaughtered TV show in an episode when Adam was having postpartum depression. He explained that what he was passing through was normal but his was 5 times more. He advised him to get some professional help and to this advice, Adam heeded. Adam has since then been a lot better.

Danielle’s sisters as earlier mentioned are twins – Ashley and Crystal. They have not made an appearance on the show and we don’t know if they will. Being that there are no negative reports out there about them, it is probable that everything is going well with them.

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