David Corn – Bio, Daughter, Family, Net Worth, Career In Journalism

Journalism is an important pillar of our modern society that grew out of our evolutionary need to know and sometimes, to just gossip. Today, it has become an integral part of modern democracy and carries the burden of shaping our society in many areas from business to politics to sports. While most countries have different institutions – Judiciary, Legislative and Executive arms all set up to be the check and balance for each other, journalism has been the check and balance for all of them as a whole. Investigating what the powerful do behind closed doors and narrating the truth behind the carefully crafted doublespeak of political leaders to citizens, journalism has become the shining light guiding the bumbling ignorance of humanity. As such, the industry requires great people who are dedicated to the truth and willing to sacrifice themselves in pursuit of it. One of such people is David Corn, who has set himself apart as an exemplary journalist.

Brief Bio

David Corn the American journalist was born on the 20th of February, 1959 to Jewish parents in New York, specifically, White Plains. As a child being raised under Jewish traditions, formal education was a necessity for David and it started at White Plains Senior High School before he graduated and moved to Brown University in Rhode Island where he studied history.

A young David identified his passion for journalism from the things that interested him in school. He had his first stint in a journalistic environment when he was a junior at Brown. He worked at the student paper for Brown University, The Brown Daily Herald.

David Corn’s Career in Journalism

With the knowledge he had garnered, David sought out internship and employment in news organizations. After the experience of working for a publication in the highly rated University, he took his continued search for experience to The Nation, a weekly magazine where he worked as an intern. While he was at The Nation, his work ethic, passion and talent helped him land a role as an editorial assistant. Having secured the job, Corn chose to stay at The Nation rather than go back to Brown and finish his degree. He however later completed and earned his college certificate after completing his credits at Columbia University. He earned a Bachelor of Arts.

David Corn continued working at The Nation and eventually became the magazine’s Washington Editor. As the editor, he has appeared on numerous political talk shows, regularly making appearances on America’s biggest news networks like Fox News, National Public Radio, and MSNBC. After years of working at The Nation, David Corn left the magazine and joined Mother Jones to become its first Washington Bureau Chief. Mother Jones, is another magazine focused on investigative reporting on politics, human rights, culture, and the environment.

As a journalist, David Corn has written in several other publications other than his own home magazines. He has written for major publications such as New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe, Washington Post, Washington Monthly, and many others.

The greatness of a journalist’s career is mostly defined by the stories they tell during their career and David Corn has made a name for himself in that regard. His reportage of the 47 percent scandal has been described as the significant reason former Republican Presidential nominee, Mitt Romney lost the election to in 2012. He received the George Polk Award in journalism for the singular feat.

As a journalist for whom writing and investigating is a passion, David has extended the expression of his passion to book publications. He has published six books with his first book, Blond Ghost: Ted Shackles and the CIA’s Crusades published in 1994. His most recent book was published in 2018. His career as an author has seen him be a New York Times bestseller three times.

Net Worth

David Corn is considered one of the wealthiest journalists in the United States, in part due to his multiple best selling books and a long career in journalism which he has spent mostly at the top as an editor and bureau chief. Although it is a known fact that he is raking in good cash from his career and the sales of his books, there is still no specific figure quote for his net worth as it is still under review.


David Corn’s Family & Daughter

Aside from a controversial scandal in 2017 reported by Politico of an investigation of inappropriate workplace behavior, David Corn has always managed to keep to reporting the news and not being the news. His personal life is usually kept away from his public life and outside of the basics, not much is known about his family.

He has two daughters, Maaike Laanstra-Corn and Amarins Laanstra-Corn from his marriage to Welmoed Laanstra. His daughter, Maaike made the news in 2016, when she asked the counselor to , about sexual allegations against Donald Trump.

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