Deyana Mounira – Bio, Family, Facts About The Lebanese Model

Deyana Mounira is a bikini model and a social media star who has come to build massive followership for herself on Instagram. On the mainstream media, the Lebanese-born beauty got dragged after she was sued by another popular individual on social media, Tony Toutouni, who sued the model for arousing his pet dog during a photoshoot. There are many more fun facts worth knowing about Deyana as you will find below.

Deyana Mounira Bio

It was on August 16, 1990, that Deyana Mounira was born in her home country of Lebanon. That was also where she was brought up by her parents, one of whom is from Egypt while the other is from Lebanon. She was first brought up in the country of her birth before her family later moved to the United States where they lived in the West Coast with the model spending the rest of her early life in San Diego, California.

There is no information as regards how she was brought up as well as her childhood and education. However, it is known that her journey to becoming an Instagram sensation began in 2012 when she posted her first picture on the platform. Thanks to her beauty and good body, she soon attracted a lot of followers on the platform. By June 2019, she had already gained more than 360,000 followers on Instagram.

She has also gained fame with her appearances on music videos. She appeared in Future’s Mask Off in 2017 and then appeared in G-Eazy’s Sober in the same year. Apart from being a social media star and appearing on music videos, Lebanese beauty is also a dance instructor and a bikini model.

Family of Deyana Mounira

In terms of her family life, the only thing that is known about her is that she is from Lebanon and that one of her parents is originally an Egyptian. It is not known if she has any siblings or was brought up as an only child. Deyana has not provided any information about her family on social media. For now, she is not married and there is no information regarding who she is dating.

Facts About The Lebanese Model

1. She was accused of sexually assaulting a dog

In 2018, the Lebanese model was dragged on the mainstream news media after she was sued by Tony Toutouni who accused her of arousing his pet dog. According to Toutouni who is a social media star and a millionaire, during a photoshoot, the model got the Russian terrier to paw at her bottom as it kept trying to mount her.

According to the dog owner who also claimed that his dog was sexually assaulted, Deyana played sensually with the dog’s genitals. He added that she even went as far as performing a sex act with the dog, calling her thirsty on social media.

2. Mounira insisted she was the one sexually assaulted

On her part, Deyana Mounira insisted that she was the victim as Toutouni who was behind the camera encouraged the dog to perform sexual acts on her.

The video of the alleged assault is available on social media. Based on it, she said it is clear that during the photoshoot, she was the one being victimized. More so, she added that after she was done with the photoshoot, she requested the pictures and videos but was denied.

The attorney of the King of Instagram, as Tony Toutouni is dubbed, claimed that on the video, she was smiling and so there was no way she could claim victimized. In his suit, Toutouni asked Mounira for $1.5 million which he said was for fraud and emotional distress. The suit left a lot of people divided with Charlamagne Tha God referring to the millionaire as the Donkey of the Day for suing the model.

3. Height

A very good-looking woman who is blessed with a good body build, Deyana Mounira is not the tallest woman one would meet on any given day. She has a height of only 5 feet 6 inches.

4. Net Worth

As regards her net worth, what the beautiful model has as her fortune is still not known to the public. It is easy to assume, however, that even though she may not have a net worth that runs into the millions, she is doing very well for herself financially.

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