Diane Macedo – Biography, Husband (Thomas Morgan), Feet, Measurements

Diane Macedo is so cool and attractive that people were somewhat disappointed when it emerged that the man who has been obsessed with her and stalking her is mentally challenged. Prior to the discovery that her stalker is ill mentally and with a history of bipolar disorder, many attempted to justified the disturbing stalking incident as understandable. The premise of the sentiment borders around Diane being fashionably stylish and impressive. It was widely thought that it is not a surprising thing that someone is obsessed with her; yeah, the lady is awesome to such degree and has been a source of inspiration to many people.

As a journalist, Diane Macedo’s commitment is consistently leading her towards such level where she will be regarded as one of the finest news personality in the United States of America. Although she still has a pretty long journey to the destination, she is bent on courageously walking the path and, her passion for the profession has been the energy fueling her pursuit. Diane lives for journalism. There was a time she expressed that her ultimate purpose is to keep striving to get better in the field. Her love for working in news is deep and, the fact that she keeps learning new things every day while doing her job has kept things interesting for her.

Looking at the bond Diane has developed with what she does, one would imagine that she has nurtured the ardour since she was a little girl. This is not so. In fact, Diane was one of those who never knew what they were cut out for. Should you insist she trace the beginning of her love for journalism for you, Diane Macedo would probably, take you back to her early life when talking about the major news of the day over the dinner table with her family gave her great joy and satisfaction.

Diane Macedo Biography

We have confirmed from records that the American news personality was born on the 28th day of February 1982. Her place of birth was in Mineola, New York. Although much information about the early days of Diane’s life and her family are not available for public consumption, it is known that she was born and named Diane Reis Macedo by her parents who immigrated from Portugal.

Of course, Diane was brought up in Mineola which is the United States but, she would insist that she grew up in a Portuguese town. This is so because Mineola is home to many Portuguese people. Apart from English, she is fluent in Portuguese and Spanish.

It was sometime in March 2016 that ABC News President, Jame Goldstone announced that Diane will be joining ABC News as a correspondent based in New York to anchor World News Now and America This Morning. While those are her major roles with ABC News, the News Anchor has on several occasions anchored the weekend Good Morning America for the media outlet.

Before she joined ABC News, she was working for WCBS in New York. It was her fantastic coverage of major news events while working with the CBS affiliated television station that earned her the attention of ABC News. But then, her journalism career didn’t begin with WCBS. If you dig into her records, you will uncover that she was once a news editor for FoxNews.com and also served the Fox News media company as a reporter and an anchor for its Fox Business Network.

We have traced the earliest knowledge she gathered on broadcast news to a local program NewTV she was involved with while she was studying at Boston College. Yeah, she was a student at Boston College where she majored in political science and communications. Singing was her thing then; even, she was a member of a group and is still an occasional singer.

Diane’s Husband (Thomas Morgan)

Tell anyone hoping to stalk Diane or dreaming to have a romantic affair with her that it is most likely never to happen. Since it emerged in 2012 that the news anchor is getting married to her longtime romantic partner, Thomas Morgan, there has been no incident that suggests the two would fall apart. They got married sometime in 2013 and the love they have for each other has been flourishing.

While we can tell that the Diane-Thomas union is yet to produce any offspring, we are still striving to gather more information about Daine’s husband. This piece will be updated as soon as we struck on any substantial and meaningful information about him. The couple has been effectively evading the inquisitiveness of the public.

Her Feet, Height and Body Measurements

As Diane is sexually alluring for some people, charismatic to others and enchanting to look at for many, it is common to come across her fans discussing how hot her legs are and how her feet are in every way perfect.

No one would say the journalist isn’t good looking. Her body measurements of 36, 25 and 34 inches are proportional to her weight and 5 feet 5 inches heights. We are yet to confirm the shoe size that fits her feet.

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