Ellie Reed – Biography, Everything To Know About the Actress

Ellie Reed is a very beautiful and young American writer, actress and casting director. She grew up in Chicago, Illinois, in a loving family but she has never been known to disclose any information about her folks. Reed is an award-winning writer in theatre, and one of the best-supporting actresses to have appeared in a television series in recent times. She is a dedicated professional, who puts in her all to bring whatever character she is portraying to life – either in a television series or in theatrical productions.

Ellie Reed – Biography

Ellie was born on February 2, 1988, in Deerfield, Illinois, in the United States of America. She is a graduate of the Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, USA. After graduation, she went on to study in Theater in Chicago, as well as the improv program at the Chicago’s Second City Conservatory. She is well known for her appearance in Netflix’s comedy Girlboss in which she starred as Annie, the best friend of the lead character Sophia.

Ellie first appeared on television in 2010 in a short film titled Positive Comment. In 2012, Ellie appeared in three episodes of Touch ‘n Dix and she has gone on to appear in very popular television series such as 2 Broke Girls, Empire, Chicago PD, Betrayal, Future You. She also made a guest appearance on the popular television series The Big Bang Theory in Season 11, episode 13.

Ellie Reed is also an avid theatre performer, and in 2011, she joined the Griffin Theater, while in Chicago, and featured in productions such as Men Should Weep, Letters Home and No More Dead Dogs. Ellie was also one of the founders of the Buzz22 Theater Company in Chicago, and she appeared in plays such as Quake, Hooters: A play. She has also appeared in a few more plays in theatres with other companies.


Ellie is one of those celebrities who has made a dedicated resolve not to disclose information about their personal and family lives to the public. She has never disclosed the names of her parents, nor has she ever talked about her siblings in any of her numerous interviews. The only time she has ever said anything about her family was when she posted a picture on her social media handle, wishing her father, a Happy Father’s Day. The picture showed her dad playing with her in a chair when she was much younger.


Relationship Timeline

Ellie Reed is as of 2019 in a relationship with boyfriend, Morgan Maher and they have been dating for more than 5 years now. Ellie regularly posts messages and shares pictures of her boyfriend via her official Twitter handle, on a regular basis. They seem really in love with each other and have described their time together as being filled with fun, joy, and laughter.

There have been rumours of a possible marriage coming up between Ellie and Morgan sometime in the future and Ellie helped to fuel the rumours when she posted on her Twitter account in 2015. It was a cryptic message which depicts in part that she was discussing future plans with her beau and this may lead to wedding plans. Their relationship has been scandal and drama free, and one can only wish for the best to happen to the happy couple.

There were speculations and rumours in the past that she dated a few people before meeting Morgan, but she never chose to make any of the past relationships public nor did she disclose their identities, as she did with Morgan.

Body Measurements

Dark brown haired Ellie Reed is 5 feet and 6 inches (1.68 m) tall and weighs approximately 56 kg (about 139 pounds). She also has dark brown eyes and her hair is one of her most distinctive features.

Net Worth

Ellie Reed is really not a celebrity who shares a lot of information about herself; hence, it is really very difficult to determine what her true net worth is. She has never disclosed her earnings from her several theatre productions or the contracts signed for her appearance in the television series she appears in. However, there are speculations that her net worth would be between the range of $500,000 to $ 1million.

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