FUNnel Vision – Who are The Members? Info, Trivia and Facts

With over 6 million subscribers and views on every video posted, FUNnel Vision is among the most popular family channels in existence. Like many other family channels on YouTube, the channel captures daily life activities that people relate to. It also offers versatility when it comes to influencer marketing.

FUNnel Vision was launched in December 2006 with A baby eating salt and vinegar chips as the first video posted on the channel. The family-oriented channel is popular for making videos of food challenges, road trips, and pranks. With more than 300 videos uploaded, the channel also has a couple of Christmas stuff, birthday parties, going to LEGOLAND, going to Seaworld and a lot more.

FUNnel Vision – Who are The Members?

The team behind the FUNnel Vision is a family of six that include four children Lexi, Michael, Chase and Shawn, and their parents Vincent and Samantha. Together they document and upload their day to day activities, share their birthday parties, post challenges and every other thing that keeps their viewer’s entertained. On the family’s Youtube channel they are known as the Skylander family and the parents go by the alias Skylander Dad and Mom while the kids are Skylander boy and girl. Let’s get to know them more

Vincent Carter (Skylander Dad)

Vincent Carter is his real name, he is an American and the mastermind behind the popular ‘Skylander Family’ channels. Vincent was born on October 29, 1974, he’s married to a co-YouTuber known as Samantha and together, they have four children who are also part of their online business.

 Samantha Carter (Skylander Mom)

She is the matriarch of the Skylanders, she is also an American citizen born on July 7, 1980. At home, Samantha is responsible for taking care of the Skylander kids but when it comes to their YouTube business, she is a co-creator of the video contents posted on their various channels. Like her husband, Samantha also tells funny jokes and she enjoys filming her daily activities. Her first appearance on the family channel FUNnel Vision was in A baby eating salt and vinegar chips, where, along with the rest of the family, she watched as Lexi reacts while eating the chip.

Lexi (Skylander Girl)

Best known as Lexi or Lex, Alexis is the only daughter and the oldest of all the children born to Vincent and Samantha. She was born on July 24, 2006, and has featured in all the family YouTube channels including the SkylanderBoy AndGirl which she shares with her brother Michael. Lexi is also popular on where she has over 600k fans following her.

Michael Carter (Skylander Boy)

He is a young American YouTuber and one of the three sons of Vincent and Samantha Carter. He was born on  November 10, 2008, and has been A part of the family’s activities on YouTube since he was a few months old.

Chase (Lightcore Chase)

He is the third child of Samantha and Vincent. He was born on October 1, 2011, and like his two older siblings, he is a YouTube influencer. He joined the family channel before he was two years old. One of his popular videos is a story of his experience at the hospital emergency room where he went to get his wound stitched after hitting the cabinets in his house.

Shawn(Slylander Baby)

Shawn was born on September 11, 2015, he is the last kid of the Skylander family. He has also appeared in the family’s YouTube channel, FUNnel Vision. His debut appearance was in the video “Baby’s First Days! Stuck at the Hospital, No Name Picked Out!” in which he was just a week old.


FUNnel Vision Info, Trivia and Facts

  • FUNnel Vision is the original YouTube channel created for the Skylanders. The channel currently boasts of over 6 million subscribers and billions of views.
  • The FUNnel Vision channel is just one of the family’s four YouTube channels. The rest includes TheSklyanderBoy AndGirl, FGTEEV and DohMuchFun.
  • In November 2018, the channel was among the many YouTube family channels that had most of their video’s deleted by YouTube due to inappropriate content. While the family’s channel DohMuchFun had all its video content posted between late 2016-2017 deleted, on FUNnel Vision, one-fifth of its videos were also deleted.
  • With such a strong fan base on the family’s channels, there are no doubts they are enjoying quite a huge income as the benefit. The family is believed to get an estimated income of $2.6 million annually from FUNnel Vision alone. Much of this income is generated from adverts and sponsored videos from companies like Best Fiends, Wowwee, Disney, and a lot more.
  • Not only Vincent and his immediate family are into the video-sharing business, but their extended family members have joined in as well. Elyssa and Heidi, Lexi’s aunts created their own channel named ‘Funkee Bunch’. The two have also appeared on their original channel. Minecraft Ethan is also a relative of the Skylanders.

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