Get To Know Ji Chang Wook Here With These Facts

Get To Know Ji Chang Wook Here With These Facts

Ji Chang Wook is a South Korean actor who rose to prominent fame through his TV roles. His fame skyrocketed internationally after he was featured as the lead character Dong-hae in the South Korean daily television series, Smile Again. Ever since he was noticed in the series, he has gone ahead to deliver critical hits in many other projects in the movie industry. Wook’s acting career has also earned him a handful of awards for his superlative performances in several movies and television series. Within the South Korean movie industry and among the movie-viewing public, Ji is best known as an exceptional actor whose prominence is growing consistently, both internationally and in South Korea.

Who Exactly Is Ji Chang Wook?

He is the only child of his parents born in Anyang, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea, on the 5th day of July 1987. According to sources, he lost his father when he was in elementary school, an event that led his mother to start working in a restaurant so as to provide for the family. When Wook was still in high school, he had wanted to be an engineer but he later changed his mind and decided to pursue a career in acting instead. Ji’s mother is said to have initially opposed her son’s decision to become an actor instead of an engineer but she eventually gave her blessings after a deep thought. The actor is a graduate of Dankook University in South Korea where he studied Theatre.

As a true patriot, Ji Chang Wook took to the mandatory military service of his country on August 14, 2017. He is said to have undergone basic training at the Army’s 3rd Infantry Division which is located at Cheorwon, Gangwon Province.

How His Movie Career Has Fared

Ji Chang Wook started his career in musical theatre after which he scored his first onscreen role in the 2006 film Days… He also played a supporting role in the 2008 television drama You Stole My Heart and later appeared in the 2008 widely acclaimed film Sleeping Beauty. Other mainstream South Korean movies he has featured in include but is not limited to Healer (2014–2015), Suspicious Partner (2017), The K2 (2016), Warrior Baek Dong-soo (2011), Fabricated City, Your Name, Suspicious Partner, Mr. Right, Death Bell 2: Bloody Camp, My Too Perfect Sons, and many others.

Get To Know Ji Chang Wook Here With These Facts
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In addition, Ji Chang Wook has also made appearances in music videos such as 101 Reasons Why I Like You ( 2017), Oh-Sing-Sing-Men Oh Sing Sing Men Kissing You, Your Warmth (2016), To the Butterfly (track from Empress Ki OST), I Will Protect You (2015), and others.

The actor has garnered a few awards in recognition of his roles in entertainment. He won the New Star Award given at the SBS Drama Awards, Best New Actor at the 7th The Musical Awards (2013), Popularity Award, Actor, at the KBS Drama Awards (2014), Most Popular Actor (Overseas) at China TV Drama Awards (2015), Best Couple Award with Seoul, South Korea-born actress Park Min-young at KBS Drama Awards (2014), among others.

Is He In Any Relationship?

As an answer to the question, the handsome South Korean actor is not married at the time of this report. He has never been married in the past, nor has he given us reasons to believe that he is ready to settle down with the woman of his dreams anytime soon. He is very close to his mother and career and it appears these two are the only things that matter to him at this time. His mother is his closest family since the demise of his father.

Wook is the type of guy most ladies fall for – he is talented, hard-working, and handsome. But it seems he has his eyes on growing his career rather than building a relationship with anyone. There are strong indications that the movie star could be single but there’s no real confirmation on that as he has chosen to keep his personal life to himself.

Apart from the fact that he is the type that keeps the information about his personal life and background to himself, Chong has never introduced any girl to the world as his girlfriend. However, he has been linked to actress Ha Ji Won and Healer co-star Park Min Young but he is yet to either confirm or deny the claims. So, since he has not officially introduced any woman to us, we’ll assume he is still in the market.

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