Gisele Schmidt – Biography, Family, Facts About Gary Oldman’s Wife

Gisele Schmidt – Biography, Family, Facts About Gary Oldman’s Wife

In Hollywood, when a big star finds a new lover, they receive as much interest as their famous significant other. Gisele Schmidt would have probably just been another American woman thriving in her career but her marriage to the Oscar winner Gary Oldman thrust her into the limelight – something that she obviously enjoys. Schmidt, throughout the 2018 Award season was always seen hand-in-hand with her man Gary and she wasn’t even afraid to pack in the PDA in front of many cameras. From the way she handled the red carpets so well, one could think that Gary Oldman’s wife has a career in the show business and that just happens to be the case…

Gisele Schmidt Biography

Gisele Schmidt obviously rose to fame by Schmidting Gary Oldman. Prior to her love life with the Hollywood star, she was living her life away from the media and never really did anything that would attract the world’s interest in her, thus details about her own life are very unknown to the public.

Her birth date and place are not publicly known, but judging from the fact that she married Gary in his 60s and from her looks as well, Gisele Schmidt is far from a spring chicken. Our guess is that she could have been born sometime in the 1950s or 1960s, she most likely isn’t older than Gary who was born in 1958.

What’s the part of show business that Gisele Schmidt is into? Well… her occupation has been described as an “art curator.” What that means basically is that Gisele acquires and manages art collections in museums and archives. She is also said to be a writer.

It was through her profession in arts that she would come to meet her future husband, Oldman, who is also an ardent follower of art with an interest in art photography. Schmidt is said to have introduced Oldman to photographer Ian Ruhter. She would eventually write a piece about the pair’s works for the Laboratory Arts Collective’s Build magazine.

Gisele Schmidt’s Family

Gisele Schmidt had an experience building a family before Oldman came into the picture. She was previously married to an anonymous man for a whopping 20 years and their marriage produced a son named Williams who in 2018 was said to be 9 years old.

Though it isn’t known what led to Schmidt’s divorce from her flame of two decades, the pair obviously had an amicable split as he attended her wedding to Oldman. In an interview Oldman gave, he described his wife’s ex-husband as a “great guy”.

Gisele Schmidt’s marriage to Oldman has given her a larger family including Gary’s three sons from his previous marriages. They include Alfie Oldman, Gulliver Flynn Oldman, and Charlie John Oldman. The latter, who is also the youngest is a model who has walked the Saint Laurent show at the Paris Men’s Fashion Week.

Gisele Schmidt – Biography, Family, Facts About Gary Oldman’s Wife
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Facts About Gary Oldman’s Wife

Their wedding was a quiet one

Gisele Schmidt married Gary Olman in August 2017, however, the news didn’t get to the media until towards the end of that year, and that is because they had quite a simple wedding. The couple said “I do” in front of a few friends at the house of Oldman’s manager Doug Urbanski in Beverly Hills, California. Oldman would later reveal that he proposed to Schmidt dressed as Winston Churchill.

They Met Sometime in 2015

While the pair got married in 2017, they had met some years back in 2015. It was the time when Gary Oldman was in the midst of his divorce from his fourth wife songwriter Alexandra Edenborough. The pair had been married for 6 years before their marriage hit the rocks. In Oldman’s statement about the divorce, different lifestyle interests due to the huge age difference between them put a strain on their romance. The divorce was an amicable one as they have since remained friends.

Gisele Schmidt is Gary Oldman’s 5th Wife

“The fifth time may just be the charm…” the Darkest Hour actor said of his 5th marriage to Gisele Schmidt. His first marriage was to British actress Lesley Manville from 1987 to 1990, it was through this union that his son Alfie Oldman was born.

Oldman in 1990 then married actress Uma Thurman whom he met on the set of State of Grace. They separated in 1992. Gary Oldman’s third wife was Donya Fiorentino whom he married from 1997 to 2001. His two sons from the marriage were placed in his sole custody post-divorce. Alexandra Edenborough (2008 – 2015) was the fourth.