Is Tre Melvin Gay, Who Is The Boyfriend, What Is His Net Worth, How Old He?

Is Tre Melvin Gay, Who Is The Boyfriend, What Is His Net Worth, How Old He?

Tre Melvin is an actor and comedian who has established a productive career on YouTubers as well as on other social media sites with a massive fan base across all platforms. He is also a playwright, podcaster, and philanthropist among many other things.

Who is Tre Melvin, How Old Is He?

October 28, 1992, was the day Tre was born in Dayton, Ohio which is also where he was brought up. As a young child growing up, what Tre had his mind on was to become an actor, hence, he went to the Stivers School for the Performing Arts where he studied theatre and creative writing. From there, he moved to the University of Cincinnati where he studied Business Marketing.

By the time he was 12, Tre had already started out professionally as an actor by making appearances on stage. Soon afterward, he got to play roles in commercials, short films, and musicals. The YouTuber and actor were raised alongside a sister, Kayla Melvin. She has not only been seen on his social media accounts but has also appeared in his short film, Skullface.

What has made him more famous than most other things he got involved in has been his YouTube channel which has amassed over a quarter billion views thus far. He started it in 2011, and by the second half of 2018, the channel had already moved up to over 3.39 million subscribers with over 170 uploaded videos.

He has worked under many big shots including Dr. Dre and Watermelondrea Jones under which he has released his 9- track Mad House album in 2015. The Hip Hop album featured artists like Michelle Ang, Shaylen Carroll, and Bugatti Beez.

Apart from his YouTube channel, Tre has also got a massive social media followership across platforms. On Instagram, he has over 615 thousand followers and over 519 thousand followers on Twitter. He also runs a podcast, Bottoms Up! where he features different people and talks about different things such as managing anxiety and depression, entertainment, and many more. He only began the podcast in April 2018.

Looking at his life as an actor, he has taken part in the 2018 thriller drama, Conundrum: Secrets Among Friends as well as in a number of TV mini-series including Drea & Michellé, 12 Deadly Days, The Vacation, and FANtasies. For works like Drea & Michellé and The Vacation, Tre Melvin is also the writer, producer, and editor.

The Dayton native has written a number of plays such as Afterwhile, Scratch That Story, Scratch That Story 2: Deadline, and Grandma’s Apple Pie.

Is He Gay, If So Who is His Boyfriend?

In case you are wondering, the YouTube star is not gay but had something interesting to say about his sexuality. In a video he posted on YouTube, tagging it “My New Year Resolution” for 2014, he stated that in the New Year, he was resolving to be himself and accept who he was, therefore, he revealed that he is bisexual.

Is Tre Melvin Gay, Who Is The Boyfriend, What Is His Net Worth, How Old He?
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He revealed that his last relationship before coming out as a bisexual was with a man and that taught him how to love himself for whom he was. He said he had prayed and tried to be straight but failed and so he would accept himself the way he is.

Through the years, he had been dating women until when he dated a man and realized that he loved it as well. He has, however, been able to keep all those he has been in relationships with under wraps as there is hardly any genuine information on his girlfriends or boyfriend.

How Much Is He Worth?

Tre Melvin has come a very long way with all that he is doing, most especially as his music is quite good and his YouTube channel is enjoying a high engagement. More so, he is equally involved in acting and writing, all of which come together to give him multiple sources of income.

With that said, his actual net worth is still under review, even though there are sources that claim he may be worth over $400 thousand. What is known for certain is that he is rich enough to get the things he needs, buy his mother a car, and be a philanthropist, giving out scholarships to kids.

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