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Intelligent, brilliant, versatile, resourceful, and hardworking are some of the adjectives that describe Jamie Colby. From being a licensed attorney to a multiple-award-winning broadcast journalist, Colby has an incredibly enviable career.

She is also an accountant, real estate broker, and mortgage broker. Simply put, Colby is the epitome of beauty and brains.

She now focuses on her broadcast journalism career and has been working with Fox News Channel since 2003. In recent years, she can be seen hosting Fox Business Network‘s treasure-hunt series Strange Inheritance which airs weekdays at 9 PM/ET.

Read on as we take you through Colby’s outstanding career as well as her personal life.

Jamie Colby Age/Wiki/Bio

Jamie Colby was born on the 21st of December, 1970, in Forest Hills, New York City, New York, United States. Her father Marty Colby is a television executive while her mom was a homemaker. She has a brother named Jonathan T. Colby who is now a Miami Dade County circuit court judge in Florida.

Colby was 12 when her parents divorced, after which she moved with her brother to Miami where they were both raised by their mom.

Colby’s flair for productivity and hard work began when she was young. As a kid, she appeared in KC & The Sunshine Band commercial and worked at Burger King. An exceptionally brilliant child, Jamie made her way to college in her early teens.

At the age of 14, she was admitted to the University of Miami International School of Business where she earned a degree in accounting. In 1993, at the age of 22, Colby also earned a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Miami School of Law.

Colby then began practising law working in the private practice for a decade. She started out with a Hollywood entertainment firm, Henry Bushkin working for the likes of Joan Rivers and Johnny Carson. Shortly after, she became a law professor.

So how did a practising lawyer suddenly dabble into broadcast journalism? Colby relocated to New York and was asked to wait for 6 months for the state bar to approve her license to work there.

During that waiting period, a lawyer friend of hers who represented journalists asked her if she would fill in for a client of hers, a legal and consumer reporter at NBC local stations who was on a maternity leave. A natural workaholic, Colby quickly jumped at the opportunity. She was enthusiastic about sharing her legal experience with the masses.

And don’t think she brought a diva attitude to the local radio station whose viewers could barely afford her. As she told Forbes Magazine in January 2015, she is a team player and even had to sweep floors, rip scripts and fill the printer when the need arose.

About that practising license, she got it and is still licensed to practice in New York, Florida, the District of Columbia and California.

Broadcast Journalism Career

Colby quickly excelled in journalism. Starting out at WPIX-TV and WNYW-TV, New York, Colby then became an anchor and reporter for CBS News and subsequently a correspondent at Cable News Network (CNN).

Her journalism career gained much attention after she joined Fox in 2003. Colby has covered a wide range of topics and stories both nationally and internationally. She covered the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings. She covered the 2004 South-East Asian Tsunami from India and Sri Lanka.

Putting her legal side to use, Colby has covered Martha Stewart’s insider trading trial, Kobe Bryant’s sexual assault trial and more. She has exclusively interviewed the likes former Florida Governor Jeb Bush before the 2012 presidential elections and pop star Madonna on her first book “The English Rose.”

Before becoming the host of Strange Inheritance in 2015, Colby served as co-anchor of “America’s News Headquarters” which aired on weekends.

Colby has bagged numerous accolades as a journalist. In 2000, she received the Gracie Allen Award for investigative reporting. In 2002, she received a National Edward R. Murrow Award for her coverage of 9/11. She is also a recipient of the Clarion Award from the Association for Women in Communications.

Jamie Colby Husband

Colby has been married twice. Her first marriage when she was in her early 20s produced a son named Gregory Green Berg. The identity of Colby’s first husband has remained concealed from public knowledge.

Colby then married reputed surgical oncologist Dr. Marc Wallace who is about 20 years older than she is. After years of marriage, they separated in 2011. Their divorce came as a shock to her fans who greatly admired her for sticking with Wallace through his battle with a heart disease that required him to undergo surgery.

They even co-authored a book titled “Back to Life After a Heart Crisis: A Doctor and His Wife Share Their 8-Step Cardiac Comeback Plan” where they wrote about how they dealt with Wallace’s post-operation depression.

The reason for their divorce still remains a mystery.

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Jamie Colby Body Measurements

Colby stands at 5 feet 7 inches tall.

Her body measurements are estimated to be 37-27-37 inches.

She wears a 34C bra size and weighs 68 kg.

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