Jen Carfagno Measurement, Salary, Dating, Family, Wiki, Bio

If your confession is that you do not know Jen Carfagno, there will be no penance for you, because you have already been forgiven.

She is not one of those known by many people except for those that are faithfully following to know what the weather holds.

Those who know her will definitely link her to weather reports on The Weather Channel TWC where she co-hosts Weather View with Eric Fisher.

Jen Carfagno Family, Wiki, Bio

An American television meteorologist, Jen Carfagno who was named Jennifer Carfagno at birth, was born on July 19th, 1979 in Collegeville, Pennsylvania. It was also here that she was brought up.

Growing up, her earliest dream was to become a pilot. On the way, however, she fell in love with the weather and its intricacies, and she decided to take a dive for it. She revealed that one more thing that drove her into studying the weather was curiosity.

Also, southern Pennsylvania where she grew up had the four different weather which increased her fascination about the weather. At a point in her growing up days, she became the person who different people talked to about the weather. That pushed her to decide that she wanted to be a meteorologist by high school.

For her education, Jen attended the Perkiomen Valley High School where she graduated before moving to the Pennsylvania State University to study Meteorology.

While still in school, Jen Carfagno like most other students would wake very early to study the weather. Once done with this, she would call local radio stations to make weather predictions for the day.

Before she was through with her education, Jen had a one-year internship program with The Weather Channel. She also got the opportunity of participating in an On-camera meteorologist apprentice program while with The Weather Channel.

Through hard work, Jen was able to make it as one of the best at the Channel where she has remained for a long time now. She also co-hosts AMHQ Early on weekdays from 5 AM to 6 AM. She has been with The Weather Channel for over 20 years already and the best thing she loves to cover is Hurricane.

Because of her job, she, like other female meteorologists, is referred to as a “weather girls”. About that, she said she has learned not to be bothered by that because “You just let it roll off your shoulders.”

She has grown into a woman who is a fan of country music and who loves exercises, cooking, and travelling.

Jen Carfagno Dating, Family

One of the things really hard to get about Jen Carfagno, is info about her husband. Apart from the fact that she is married to a man called Neil, there is hardly anything more that has been revealed about him.

Nevertheless, the two and their family of two children (both girls) look very happy and are always getting some more fun. That is from everything that is seen on social media including pictures of them skiing or doing some other things.

Although there are sources that claim that Neil is a sports analyst, there is no concrete source that supports this. There are other sources that claimed Jen and Neil were heading for a divorce, but this also still turned to be very false.

The meteorologist has revealed that her favorite days are those with blue skies and warm temps, and the things she loves are spending time outside with her husband and kids. Her plans for the future is simply to retire someday and live at the beach.

Jen Carfagno Salary, Net Worth

Considering that she is one of the most popular faces doing what she does, plus the fact that she does it very well, it is no surprise that she takes home as much as $300,000 annually. This means that she is paid $6,250 weekly and $25,000 monthly.

To her net worth, Jen Carfagno is estimated to worth $1.5 million.

Jen Carfagno Measurement

A very beautiful woman, Carfagno has a good physique and a slender body. Here is her complete body measurement:

Height: 5.5 Inches

Waist Size: 25 inches

Breast size: 34B

Hair Color: Blonde

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