Jesse Wellens Wiki – Daughter, Mom, Net Worth, Age, Height

Jesse Wellens is an American YouTube sensation best known for his channel PrankvsPrank where you can watch videos of him pulling pranks on others. Created in 2009, the channel now has over 10 million subscribers. Wellens’ channel was in 2013 named by USA Today as YouTube’s best prankster. In 2015, he received the Streamy Award for Best Prank Show and the following year, a Shorty Award for Best YouTube Ensemble.

Jesse Wellens Wiki/Age

Jesse Michael Wellens was born on September 25, 1982, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Stella and Steve Wellens. He is the middle child of the family having one brother and one sister named Candice Wellens.

Wellens was one of those kids that loved to pester other kids in school. This saw him being kicked out of high school many times but he did manage to make it to graduation. As unseriously minded as Jesse may appear, he did serve in the army… For a year, he was stationed in Korea. While in the US army, Jesse was in a marriage that ended almost as soon as it started.

After his divorce, Jesse would meet Jennifer “Jeana” Smith through a mutual friend named Faith. They exchanged phone numbers but didn’t start a relationship until they bumped into each other weeks later. They started dating in 2005.

Jesse and Jeana in 2009 began a YouTube channel together. It all started after Jesse posted a clip of Jeana trying the cinnamon challenge. This progressed into a series of prank videos featuring one pranking the other and how they prepared their pranks.

Their sense of humor and originality attracted millions of subscribers making them one of the most likable couples on YouTube. Soon they began taking up other gigs like when they both appeared in two episodes of the web series Epic Rap Battles of History.

In 2012, Jesse and Jeana started another YouTube channel named BFvsGF where they documented their daily lives as couples. Rocky, as he is also known, branched out into other ventures including music. In 2013, he released a rap song “Cookie Dance” under the moniker “Chip Chocolate.” The song found mild success, charting in the UK and Sweden.

He also ran the YouTube channel Down Range Gaming where he played video games while thrilling fans with stories of his days in the US army.

Much to the dismay of their fans, Jesse and Jeana broke off their relationship in May 2016, however, it was a mutual one as they both agreed to remain friends. They had two cats Nylah and Bamboo. Jesse now solely runs the PrankvsPrank channel while their BFvsGF has been put on hold.

Among rumors surrounding their split was that Jese had cheated with a girl named Kristina Askerova, however, that was never confirmed.

Mom – Stella Wellens

Jesse’s mom Stella Wellens passed away in December 2015. She had been suffering from depression for over a decade and was said to be abusing drugs while self-medicating. Stella was also suicidal and was put in a coma after an unsuccessful suicide attempt.

Few weeks before her death, Jesse’s mom had been declared missing. Jesse expressed fears that his mom might have become suicidal as his grandmother had just passed away a few weeks earlier.

Jesse was right about his fears… Local authorities would later find Stella’s body in her car parked in a business parking lot. She was laid to rest later in December 2015.


During the same week that Jesse announced his shocking split from his girlfriend of over a decade, he also shocked fans with the news of having had a baby which he gave up for adoption.

In a series of tweets, Jesse explained that he wanted her back. However, many speculated it was just one of his usual pranks, but Jesse maintained that he was serious.

While many seemed to sympathize with him, others bashed him for revealing the information on social media. One user @Jessewelle wrote “You need to take a step back and figure your shit out before posting all this on social media. You are an adult, act like one.”

Jesse deleted many of his love-child-reveal tweets but kept the one where he mentioned the child’s name and age. Her name is Luchia and she is 13 years old as of 2016.

In an effort to reach out to her, Wellens relocated to New York City where Luchia lives with the parents that adopted her.

Net Worth: $5 million

Height: 5 feet 11 inches

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