Jessica Weaver Biography, Facts and Family Life of The Instagram Star 

Jessica Weaver is an Instagram star who rose to fame for doing what we all do on the same social media platform. Her emergence from the photo-sharing platform as a celebrity was an exception because she is extremely beautiful and it is only normal that such could happen to her. Find out more about her, especially her family life and other interesting facts you never knew about her.

Biography of Jessica Weaver

Jessica was born on 11th November 1987 in Los Angeles, California but was brought up in Colorado. After some time in Colorado, she moved back to California with her family and continued her life there.

Though detailed information about the model’s educational background has not been made available, she is known to have studied fashion designing and at another time worked as a cosmetologist before attaining stardom with her social media activities.

On social media, Jessica did and still does what most of us do regularly on our various social media handles. Her platform of choice was the photo-sharing community called Instagram where she delighted her then few followers with bikini photos of her modeling shoots as well as her casual photos. Because of how pretty she looked and the delight her fans got by always finding new photos of her, to devour her body contours with their eyes, a lot of them couldn’t keep her picturesque goodness all to themselves and therefore resorted to sharing most of her images they came across online and by so doing, Jessica Weaver began trending online.

Her Instagram followers shot up astronomically within a very short time and today she commands a huge fan base running into millions on Instagram alone. Her activities here still remains the same as posting photos with the addition of making inspirational posts too.

Like every other social media star, Jessica Weaver has not remained stagnant on Instagram and all that it has to offer. She has leveraged on the gains of her popularity on Instagram to connect with her fans on YouTube as well as reach out to many more people. She opened her YouTube channel called JloveTalk on the 25th of December 2011. On this channel, she makes and posts advice videos on relationships and dating for men and women. This gave her worldwide fame and it is the reason why many people now search to know more about who this relationship guru is.

The life coach is also recognized as a businesswoman as she now owns her own vape shop called V-apes which is located in San Gabriel, California.

Family Life of The Instagram Star 

The Californian native has not shared much information about her family like who her parents are; their names, occupation and whether or not she had siblings. She has carefully eschewed from exposing to the public this vital aspect of her life just as it is not known what growing up was like for her. Nevertheless, it is believed that her family members will be proud of her as she has become a celebrity that many people are desirous of learning about.

On the other side of family life; boyfriend and relationship. The life coach who tutors others on dating has not revealed who her love interest is. A thorough perusal of her social media posts has revealed no inkling that she is in love or was in love with anyone. It, therefore, becomes dumbfounding how she has so much knowledge about such matters of the heart but seems she “hearts no one.”

The assumptions that can be drawn from this is probably that Jessica Weaver gained experience from previous relationships she never brought with her to fame or perhaps she had such a family where she got exposed early enough to real-life relationships and family issues and was quick to learn from each and every one of them.

Facts about the Celebrity

  • Ethnicity

Though much is not known about her parents, she is said to be of mixed American, Danish, and German ethnicity. She is white/Caucasian.

  • Height and Body Measurements 

The winsome model is one that will make you appreciate the creator of mankind anytime you see her. She is beautiful without blemish having an athletic body structure. She has a decent height of 5 feet 4 with body stats of 34-25-36 being chest, waist, and hips measurements respectively, and weighs 58kg.

  • Body enhancements

It is obvious once you look at Jessica Weaver. Her bust looks a whole lot unreal. Though they would make the jaws of any man drop or delight women who have a thing for their fellow women, it cannot be denied or argued that she had breast implants. Other than this, it is not known if she had improved the looks of any other parts of her body with plastic surgery.

  • Net Worth

Jessica who is also called Jlove, Jessi Cakes, and/or Bella Honey is reported to have a net worth running into hundreds of thousands. While some sources have reported her to be worth as much as $1 million, others have been more conservative by placing her within $300, 000 to a million. It can be fairly accurate to take it that she is worth that much.

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