Jimmy Fallon Height, Weight and Body Measurements

Jimmy Fallon is one of the funniest men in America. Over two and a half million people tune in every week to catch his popular NBC show, ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’. It goes without saying that people all around the world love to listen to Fallon’s jokes. Clearly, his wit and his comic genius tip the scales in his favor. But when it comes to his height, weight, and body measurements, how does America’s favorite late night comedian weigh in?

Jimmy Fallon Height

Fallon stands an impressive 6 feet tall- that is 4 inches taller than the average American man. To date, Jimmy Fallon has won 8 coveted awards. Half of these awards are Emmy Awards, three are People’s Choice Awards for Favorite Late Night Host, and one award recognizes Fallon’s album, Blow Your Pants Off, as 2013’s Best Comedy Album at the Grammy Awards. Fallon’s copious achievements are most often chalked up to his comedic creative genius, but this award winning comedian’s golden success might have more to do with his 6-foot tall height than you thought. According to recently gathered statistics, 70% of Hollywood’s highest-paid actor’s clock in at 6 feet tall and over, and Business Insider reports that tall men are scientifically more likely to be successful than are their shorter counterparts. Fallon, who stands at 6 feet tall, is certainly no exception to this statistic- but what is it about tall men that makes them successful?

According to various scientific sources, it is not so much the height itself, but how other people perceive the height and react to it.

With a cornucopia of awards and millions of fans worldwide, Fallon is a prime example of a towering height’s success. We love his laughs, sure, but according to science, we also are drawn to consider him a great host because he looks the part. Either way, there’s no denying that Jimmy Fallon takes both stature and comedy to new heights, every week!

Jimmy Fallon Weight

Despite his impressive height and award-winning talent, Jimmy Fallon still worries about the little things, just like the rest of us. In an interview with Vulture Magazine, the late night host revealed that being on television has made him a tad self-conscious about his weight.

“I mean, you see some pictures of yourself, you’re like, Aaaah, dude. You’re on television, come on!” He hates watching a show and feeling like he has “three chins”, an attribute he says is commonly present after he has been through a “fat period”. Still, for all Fallon’s self criticism, he maintains a truly healthy weight. Jimmy Fallon weighs a slim 160 pounds, putting him into the healthy weight zone, according to the United States Department of Health and Services.

Jimmy Fallon Body Measurements

If you watch The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, you know that the comedian turned host can wear a suit extremely well. It’s no wonder, with his measurements. We’ve listed the popular host’s measurements below, for your browsing pleasure- and his height and weight, for a quick recap!

Height: 6 feet

Weight: 160 pounds

Shoe Size: 10 (US)

Body Type: Athletic Body

Waist Size: 34 inches

Chest Width: 40 inches

Hip Width: 40 inches

And so, readers, there you are all you ever wanted to know about your favorite comedian’s Height, Weight, and Body Measurements.

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