Jon Glaser – Biography, Wife, Family, Net Worth, Other Facts

Jon Glaser is a comic personality who has amazing comical abilities to write jokes and make people laugh. He is a huge fan favorite when it comes to comic relief. He might not be a household name or face in Hollywood just yet but his jokes, you have definitely enjoyed.

He is the man behind some of the funniest stuff you watch on television. He has been part of American comedies since the mid-1990’s, so it is not unusual for fans to be eager to know about his personal life; whether he is dating or married and also about his family which he doesn’t usually talk about. If you want to know about him, read this article.

Jon Glaser’s Bio

Jonathan Daniel Glaser was born on June 20, 1968, in Chicago, Illinois. He is an actor, comedian, writer, producer and also a director. Glaser is a graduate of the University of Michigan which was where he performed on two sketch comedy troupes – Just Kidding and Comedy Company. He has always had the passion to write and sketch comedy and also act. There is no information on his parents or siblings (if he had any) but he was raised in Southfield, Michigan.

Career – Comedy

Johnnie was a member of the Second City comedy enterprise in the mid-1990’s and also appeared in their stage production of Pinata Full of Bees in 1995 and 1996. He is popular for his work as a writer and sketch performer on American talk show, Late Night with Conan O’Brien which he did for five years, during which the writing staff of Conan O’ Brien and Jon Glaser were nominated for 5 Emmy Awards.

He created and also starred in the live-action Adult Swim Series Delocated, WereWolf Hunter and the truTV series titled Jon Glaser Loves Gear and also in movies like Be Kind Rewind, Pootie Tang, School for Scoundrels and guest-starred on some comedy programs like Curb your Enthusiasm, Louie, Bob’s Burgers, and so many others. Jon Glaser has been appearing on the television and writing for a long time since 1996 and many are very familiar with him.

Glaser is the man behind most of the funny stuff we watch on TV and hear in the news; he is in the business of making people laugh by writing jokes for actors, hosts and also actresses who make us laugh. While many think Glaser to be a jerk, people that have worked with him for a long period attest to the fact that he is a very nice guy who is always ready and willing to do anything for his friends. He also worked as a sportscaster at some point as a backup plan.

TV Career and Net Worth

In the early part of his television career, Glaser wrote and also performed (once in a while) on the short-lived sketch comedy programs The Jenny McCarthy Show, The Keenan Ivory Wayans Show and so many others. Jon Glaser has won three Writers Guild of America awards for Late Night with Conan O’ Brien and is also into social welfare work which he created a personal fundraising page for and encourages people to donate in other to be able to treat seriously sick people at a free cost.


As an author, he wrote a satirical book titled “My Dead Dad Was in ZZ Top”. It was published in February 2011 and he dedicated the book to his late father. In 2015, Glaser was named 31st on Time Out Magazine’s list of 50 funniest New Yorkers. His net worth is estimated to be $3 million.

Jon Glaser’s Wife and Family

Jon Glaser has not disclosed any information about his wife and children. From information gathered from sources on the internet, he is married and has a son and an adopted daughter. Glaser is very careful and reasonably concerned about his privacy and does not want his family to be the subject of public gossips, ridicule, and smear by the media. He cited this in an interview, saying he would never put his family on camera in a real reality show and that his wife does not like to be part of the media and he, as a father, would not want to put his children at the mercy of the media. He concluded that if there is a need to put his family in front of the camera, he would get actors to play the part for them.

Other Facts About Jon Glaser

Jon Glaser has had a recurring role as Councilman Jeremy Jamm on the NBC series Parks and Recreation.

He is a member of the comedy band, Detroit Octane.

He appeared in Superchunk’s music video for the single ‘Void’ alongside Jon Benjamin.

Glaser’s father was a musician and was part of a rock and roll band.

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