Kate Luyben Net Worth And Facts You Must Know About Jim Jefferies’ Partner 

Kate Luyben Net Worth And Facts You Must Know About Jim Jefferies’ Partner 

Kate Luyben is not quite as popular as most Hollywood actresses who hold the most records as influential and renowned entertainment personalities in this age. But, she is respected for having successfully carved a niche for herself as one of the finest actresses Canada has ever produced.

Best known for appearing in The 40-Year-Old Virgin (produced in 2005) together with Hollywood powerhouses like Steve Carell, Kat Dennings, Kevin Hart, and many others,

Luyben began her acting career in 1998. Her breakout movie was File X – The Creepy Cases of the FBI. She played the role of a nurse in the science fiction series. Following her unsurpassed performance in the movie, she went on to land more acting gigs.

The Canadian actress has played several roles in the following television series and movies True Blood, Criminal Minds, Intolerable Cruelty (2003), Shanghai Noon (a 2000 comedy movie), Two and a Half Men, Franklin & Bash (2011), Eagleheart (2012), Femme Fatales (2012), Legit (a 2013 TV series).

Others include My 5 Wives (2000), Misgotten (1998), Road Party (2004), Wait (2004), The bears are gone (2005), Frankie Go Boom (2012), Miss March (2009), and The Perfect Murder (2006).

The talented star has also done stints with veteran actors like Jackie Chan, Owen Wilson, and Nathan Fillion (a Canadian voice actor and actor famed for his role as Richard Castle on the ABC series Castle) – to mention but a few.

Born as Katherine Luyben on June 30, 1972, in Canada, other details about the actress’s personal life, including her family background, educational background, early life, siblings, and past relationships are currently not available.

Kate Luyben Net Worth And Facts You Must Know About Jim Jefferies’ Partner 
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Being a private lady, she has managed to keep her personal life and profile under wraps and out of the public eye. Nevertheless, we have something to share about pretty Kate. We won’t be leaving out her net worth (which we know is of public interest) and lesser-known facts you can’t find elsewhere.

Kate Luyben’s Net Worth

It comes as no surprise that Luyben makes a good sum of money from her acting career and other endeavors we probably didn’t know about. From what we gathered, she takes home an impressive sum of money monthly as an actress.

For now, there’s no accurate information on how much she actually earns on a monthly basis but we can confirm that her net worth is quite commendable, considering the short time she has been around in the movie industry.

Kate Luyben has a net worth of $3 million. As a fast-rising actress, she has everything it takes to build up her fortune in the nearest future and we are positive she would certainly secure a spot among Hollywood big shots very soon.

Facts You Must Know About Jim Jefferies’ Partner Kate Luyben

Before we unveil the lesser-known facts about the Canadian actress, we wouldn’t mind spilling the beans on Kate’s partner, Jim Jefferies.

Jefferies was born Geoff James Nugent on February 14, 1977, in Sydney, Australia. Born and raised in Sydney, he was born to a cabinetmaker and maintenance worker father from and a substitute teacher mother.

Professionally known as Jim Jefferies and previously as Jim Jeffries, he wears various hats as a stand-up comedian, political commentator, writer, and actor. Jefferies attended the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, in Perth, where he majored in musical theatre and classical music.

Kate Luyben Net Worth And Facts You Must Know About Jim Jefferies’ Partner 
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Upon the successful completion of his studies at the institution, Jim launched his stand-up comedy career which saw him relocate to Sydney initially and then to the United Kingdom.

In addition to his comedy career, he has a show known as The Jim Jefferies Show (launched on March 3, 2017, as announced by Comedy Central). He was previously a co-host of the podcast Jim and Eddie Talkin’ Shit, which he anchored from November 2010 to November 2012 with his fellow comedian and former roommate, Eddie Ifft.

Although Jim first gained public attention through comedy in 2007, he is best known for starring in the FX sitcom Legit (which aired from 2013–2014) and for his numerous works in American television.

Back to facts about Kate Luyben. Here are lesser-known facts about the Canadian actress.

Kate Luyben was raised in Canada. She belongs to the White ethnicity.

Her relationship with Jim reportedly began in mid-2011.

The lovebirds’ relationship is still going strong despite rumors of conflicts between them in 2016.

They currently reside in Los Angeles, California along with their son.

Luyben was previously in a relationship with Canadian actor, Nathan Fillion before dating Jim. The two started dating in 2010 and separated in February 2011.

She has a son for the Australian comedian. Hank Jefferies arrived in November 2012.

Her sun sign is Cancer.

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