Does Atypical Actor, Keir Gilchrist Actually Have Autism In Real Life?

Does Atypical Actor, Keir Gilchrist Actually Have Autism In Real Life?

Before delving into this question posed by the title of the article, it is best to know what autism is all about. According to medical experts, autism is a developmental disorder that can be diagnosed from age three and is characterized by impairment of the ability to form normal social relationships, ability to communicate with others, and by repetitive behavior patterns. Why is there speculation of autism associated with the young actor, Keir Gilchrist you may ask? This is because he is currently playing the role of an autistic 18-year-old in the TV series titled Atypical. Atypical is a Netflix series that premiered on August 11, 2017. It is a film about a young boy with autism who is looking for love, independence, and a family.

The movie which was hoped to bring autism to the fore was initially criticized after the release of its first season, based on the fact that it didn’t include any autistic writers, creators or actors in its production. The creators and producers addressed this concern in the shows’ second season by bringing on board, actors, and writers who are battling the condition. Both seasons one and two enjoyed a lot of positive reviews. Keir, the lead actor did such a marvelous job in his interpretation of his role as an autism patient that many are left wondering if he is a patient. Let us find out the truth, Keep reading!

Does He Actually Have Autism In Real Life?

He was born Keir David Peters Gilchrist in Camden Town, London, England on 28 September 1992. His parents are Catherine and Ian Gilchrist. He also has a younger brother named Evan. He spent most of his early days in London. As a child, he developed an interest in acting and attended free acting lessons at an acting club known as Boys and Girls. He blended his studies with his passion until later when he was enrolled into Annex Children’s Theater in Education in Toronto, Ontario.

His drama teacher encouraged him to pursue a career in acting and by age 11, he had begun to feature in commercials and television films and movies where he was given minor and guest roles. His debut movie appearance was in The Right Way (2004) while his first television role was in Queer as Folk (2003). From then on he began starring in varying films and television shows.

Does Atypical Actor, Keir Gilchrist Actually Have Autism In Real Life?
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He is best known for his role as Craig Gilner in It’s Kind Of A Funny Story (2010), It Follows as Paul and Marshall on Showtime, and Sam Gardner in Atypical (2017-present). He hasn’t received any known awards yet.

The answer to this question is NO! Keir Gilchrist does not have autism in real life. He, however, worked on his role as Sam Gardner with an autism patient to be able to make his character believable. According to an article written on disability scoop, Keir worked with David Finch, a writer within the spectrum and the author of the memoir, The Journal of Best Practices to help ensure an accurate representation of autism on the series.

Who is Keir Gilchrist Girlfriend or Is He Gay?

The question about Keir’s sexuality began to rise after he played the role of a gay teenager, Marshall Gregson in the United States of Tara. Despite these speculations, Keir is not gay, he is straight and has a girlfriend, Michelle Farrah Huang, who is his co-star on the series, Atypical. He first mentioned her in an interview in August 2017. They were also spotted together at a red carpet event in the same year. As of 2019, the couple is still together and is fond of posting pictures of themselves on their individual social media accounts.


As mentioned earlier, although Keir Gilchrist is a British citizen by birth, he has Canadian origins and famous ones at that. He was born by Catherine Peters and Ian Gilchrist who are Canadians. The only information known to the public about his parents is their identities, other information such as where they reside and their vocations remain a mystery until now. Keir has a younger brother called Evan who took after his brother and is also pursuing a career in acting. Evan was born on December 7, 1996, and is known for his appearance on Jack Bruce: Monster Slayer and Carrie.

However, the case is different for Keir’s grandparents. His maternal grandfather is Douglas Peters, a popular economist, banker, and politician in Canada. He also has a popular uncle who is also an economist and goes by the name David Wilfrid Peters.

How Much is Keir Gilchrist Worth?

Keir Gilchrist is an upcoming actor who has been in several movies and television shows since 2004. As at when he began starring in films, he was still a child. He rose to fame by his excellent delivery with roles assigned to him in movies and television shows. So far, he has worked with several upcoming and established artists on set. With the number of movies and television shows Keir has appeared on, it comes as no surprise that he currently enjoys financial stability even as a young lad.

Although there is no laid down analysis of Keir’s salary per role or movie, analysts have been able, to sum up his aggregate wealth or net worth to $400,000.

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