Kevin Costner Children, Wife, Family, Net Worth, Height, Age, Bio

Famous Hollywood actor Kevin Costner is obviously one of the big names in the film industry as he is an exceptional actor, director, and producer who has tasted fame and all it has to offer in the film industry. Let’s take a look at his bio, career launch, massive family and high ranked net worth.

Kevin Costner’s Bio and Age

The actor was born on January 18, 1955, in Lynwood, California with the birth name Kevin Michael Costner. During his childhood days, Costner was said to not be interested in academic work and would rather play sports, go for piano lessons, write poetry and sing in the First Baptist Church Choir of which he was a member. He went to Mt. Whitney High School but later relocated to Orange County, where he completed his high school education at Villa Park High School in 1973 before proceeding to California State University to pursue a BA in Marketing and Finance.

During his college days, Costner developed an interest in acting and upon graduation, he met with actor Richard Burton accidentally in a plane and though he never saw the actor again, the brief conversation they had in which Burton assured him that he will do well in the film industry left a positive mindset in Costner which he credits for his career success. He is known to have undertaken numerous menial jobs like working as a truck driver, being a tour guide at Hollywood home of stars and working on a fishing boat which helped him raise money for tuition fee and gave him time to improve his acting by attending lessons during the night.

The actor also had to attend numerous auditions in between his work and lecture hours while scouting for movie roles which proved to be fruitful when he finally landed a role in the 1981 film Sizzle Beach, U.S.A. However, his big break came when he appeared in the movie The Untouchables in 1987 and this turned his career around which was further solidified by his outstanding performances in films like No Way Out, Bull Durham and Field of Dreams.

He is also known for his appearance in movies like The Big Chill, Shadows Run Black, The Bodyguard, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, American Flyers, Testament, 3 Days to Kill, The Guardian, Man of Steel, Thirteen Days, Hidden Figures and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

In addition to acting, Kevin Costner is an acclaimed producer and director of over 15 movies which include Dancing with Wolves, Open Range, Black or White, The Bodyguard and Yellowstone which is a TV series set to air in 2018. Furthermore, the actor has a passion for country music and even has a band called Kevin Costner & Modern West which has gone on international tours over the years.

Awards & Achievements

The actor, director, and producer who has put up brilliant performances has also banked a plethora of awards which started with the film Dancing with Wolves for which he landed 9 awards in 1991. He is also known to have won one Emmy Award, three Golden Globe Awards, two Academy Awards and two Screen Actors Guild Awards. As at August 2, 2011, he was given his own prestigious star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Kevin Costner’s Net Worth

Costner has done pretty well for himself in Hollywood. He has excelled at all the things he set his mind on which are mainly acting, producing and directing. For this, he has gathered an enviable net worth estimated to be around $250 million which is his accumulated earning as an actor. His venture into producing and directing certainly helped to boost this figure.

Family – Wife And Kids

The movie star is the last son of 3 boys born (although one died at birth) to mother Sharon Rae and father William Costner. His mother was said to be a Welfare Worker while his father worked as an Electrician and then as a Utilities Executive at Southern California Edison. Due to the nature of his father’s work, he never had a stable home in any city as they had to be on the move with him as he moves about to do his job which the actor revealed took a toll him as he was not able to make longtime friends from childhood.

The actor has been married twice in his life with the first being to Cindy Silva in 1975, the pair has 3 children from the marriage named: Anne Annie Clayton, Joseph Joe Tedrick and Lily McCall before it ended after 16 years in 1994.

The actor’s second marriage was in September 2004 to Christine Baumgartner who is a popular model and the pair has 3 children named Hayes, Grace and Cayden. However, prior to his marriage, he had a son out of wedlock with Bridget Rooney in 1996 named Liam Costner which makes the actor have a total of 7 children.


The legendary actor is indeed a tall man who stands at a gallant height of 6 ft 1 inch which is approximately 1.85m and it carries his medium physique with a weight of 79 kg.