Ki Hong Lee Wife, Girlfriend, Age, Net Worth, Height, Quick Facts

Ki Hong Lee Wife, Girlfriend, Age, Net Worth, Height, Quick Facts

If you are a big fan of movies and television series, then you should have heard of Ki Hong Lee – a South Korean American actor who is best known for his role in the Maze Runner film series and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Ki started acting from middle school and has recorded great success in the entertainment industry. Here are the things one ought to know about the American actor of South Korean descent.

Ki Hong Lee Age and Early Life

The renowned Korean-American actor cum voice actor was born on the 30th day of September 1986 to South Korean Parents in Seoul, South Korea. When Ki was six years old, his family relocated to Auckland, New Zealand which afforded him the opportunity to learn and speak the English language.

Two years after relocating to New Zealand, just when Ki turned eight years, his family had to move again but this time to Los Angeles, in California.

While he was in the process of acquiring his education in middle school, Ki was very active in church parodies where he made appearances in many plays. His roles in the church play really triggered his interest in the acting profession. After his graduation from high school, he proceeded to the University of California Berkeley where he majored in psychology.

During Ki’s time at the university, he actively participated in Liberty in North Korea chapter and did his internship at their headquarters. Ki bagged his degree in 2008 and worked at a restaurant owned by his parent in Little Tokyo while chasing a career in acting.

The year 2010 was a good one for Ki Hong Lee, he made appearances in many television series like The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Victorious and Modern Family. The budding actor was also involved in stage acting, he made his first appearance on the stage in 2011 when he starred in the play Wrinkles as Jason. Also, in 2011, he made an appearance in a short movie titled All in All.

Nevertheless, Ki Hong Lee’s breakthrough role did not come until 2014 when he took the lead role in an American neo-noir dystopian science fiction action thriller film titled The Maze Runner; the upcoming actor played the role of Minho in the film.

Wife or Girlfriend, Is Lee Married? 

Ki’s love life is an uncomplicated one, the actor is wedded to his long-standing girlfriend Hayoung Choi. Their wedding took place on the 7th day of March 2015 and was well attended by Ki’s co-actors in the film Maze Runner as well as other known celebrities.

Ki Hong Lee Wife, Girlfriend, Age, Net Worth, Height, Quick Facts
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The celebrities who graced the occasion included Britt Robertson, Dylan O’Brien, and Arden Cho who shared pictures from the wedding on social media expressing that they had a great time celebrating the Lee-Choi union. The actors and other cast members like Kaya Scodelario who couldn’t make it to the wedding also tweeted the couple’s wedding picture wishing them a happy life together as man and wife.

The story of how the lovebirds met is not available to the public but it is common knowledge that the couple co-starred in a short film titled She Has a Boyfriend way back in 2013. In the plot of the short film, Hayoung Choi played the part of Ki’s new girlfriend.

The celebrity couple’s marriage has clocked 3 years and still counting. Since the couple appears to be living in marital bliss the option of divorce or separation seems to be very far-fetched and impossible.

Ki Hong Lee’s Net Worth

Ki may not be in the category of the richest actors in the entertainment industry, but he has been able to tidy up an enviable net worth of $4 million to his name.

The man has been able to accumulate this wealth through several major roles he has played in films and tv series like The Maze Runner, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and A Woman Sailor.

His Height

The renowned actor stands at a height of 5 feet 10 inches (1.78 m) with a weight of 68kg (150 lb) to go with it. His chest spans across 39 inches with corresponding 30 inches in waist measurement. The actor’s biceps is 13.5 inches and physically, he is fit as one would expect from an athlete.

Quick Facts About The Actor

Name – Ki Hong Lee

Date of birth – 30th day of September 1986

Place of birth – Seoul, South Korea

Nationality – South Korean and American

Profession  – Acting

Net worth – $4 million

Academic institution attended – University of California Berkeley

Spouse – Hayoung Choi