List Of Anna Faris Movies And TV Shows Ranked From Best To Worst

Beautiful, vibrant and talented are just a few words to describe multidimensional who is an American actress, producer, author, voice artist and also a podcaster. She has been active as an actress since 1991 and has starred in numerous movies and TV shows. Moreso, Anna Faris movies are notable for being filled with humor and she has landed a couple of awards for her film appearances. Know all about Anna Faris’ movies and TV shows listed from best to worst in this piece.

List Of Anna Faris Movies And TV Shows Ranked From Best To Worst

1. Lost In Translation

Talk about one of Anna Faris’ most successful movies in the history of her career and you will have the popular film, Lost In Translation. The movie which was released in 2003 has its director as Sofia Coppola who also served as the writer and co-producer alongside Ross Katz. Lost In Translation got a very impressive rating from its audience and positive reviews from most film critics.

With a budget of $4 million, it made a huge and turnover of $119.7 million in the box office. This movie was also nominated for several Academy Awards and it is widely recognized among the best of Anna Faris movies so far.

2. Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs

This is another popular and successful movie Anna Faris has appeared in. It is a computer-animated sci-fi comedy based on Judi and Ron Barrett’s Children Storybook of the same name. The movie tells the story of a relentless scientist named Flint Lockwood who is engrossed with his inventions that always ends up as a disaster. In this movie, Anna Faris was the voice of the character, Sam Spark who also happens to be Flint Lockwood’s love interest.

The movie was released in 2009 in the United States and with a budget of $100 million it has been able to gross up to $243 million in the box office. With its high ratings from film lovers, critics were left with no choice than to give the well-deserved reviews due to this film. It is also ranked among the best Anna Faris movies in her filmography.

3. Brokeback Mountain

This is a romantic movie that follows the lives of two men who are crazy about each other. The two are hired to manage a ranch up in the mountain following the absence of its owner during the summer period. However, the pair – Ennis Del Mar and Jack Twist – encounter a series of events that resulted in them parting ways. While Ennis married his longtime love and fiancée, Alma and had two daughters, Jack relocated to Texas and settles down with Lureen and they both share a son.

Several years later, fate brought Ennis and Jack together and it turned out to be that they were still in love with each other. In the movie, Anna Faris played the character, Lashawn Malone whose husband, Randall is implied to also be gay and having an affair with Jack.

This movie received several awards and acclaims on different occasions. It won the British Academy Film Awards, Golden Globe Awards, Critics Choice Movie Awards as well as several other nominations. Brokeback Mountain was also able to gross an impressive $178 million against a $14 million budget. With such a success, the film found a place among the best Anna Faris movies that have been released so far.

4. May

The American horror movie was released in the United States in 2003. It was written and directed by Lucky McKee while Marius Balchunas and Scott Sturgeon produced it. Its story was centered on the life of a lonely woman, May, who is mentally and psychologically traumatized. May feels lonely and abandoned which worsens her psychological state to the extent that she goes on a silent killing spree, murdering her friends that left her before she ends up killing as herself as well. In this movie, Anna Faris played a character named Polly, who was May’s lesbian partner and friend. The film received an impressive rating from its audience and positive reviews from viewers and critics.

5. Mom

This is a hit TV series in which Anna Faris stars in and is notable for her role as Christy, the show’s lead and the daughter of Bonnie Plunkett. This series focuses on the lives of the estranged daughter and mother getting through their addiction with alcohol and trying to get other parts of their lives in order. They embark on therapy sessions to help them with their addictions while becoming better parents.

Mom was well received by both viewers and critics as it was applauded for tackling problems happening in the real world which include issues like addictions (both drugs and alcohol), cancer, teen pregnancy, rape, abortion, the overdose of drugs, suicide and others. This Anna Faris TV show also received praises for striking a visible balance between comedy and real situations affecting youths, middle-aged and aged audiences. The series has received top ratings on several occasions and has more than 12 million views. It has won numerous awards including Primetime Emmy Awards, People’s Choice Awards amongst others. More so, this show got lots of positive and impressive reviews even from critics.

6.The Emoji Movie

The animated comedy movie tells the story of emojis living in a digital city inside the phone of a user named Alex. Following its lead character, an emoji named Gene, who is a ‘meh’ emoji but is capable of making multiple expressions. When Alex receives a text from his crush, Addie, he decides to reply with an emoji to impress her, then he chooses Gene. However, the emoji who was tensed gave a panicked expression which makes Alex think his phone is faulty and needs to be restored to factory default settings. By doing so, all emojis in the digital city of Textopolis living in his phone will be deleted, which in their world signifies death. Gene has to quickly meet a hacker to fix him and also do all he can to save his city from crumbling.

In this movie, Anna Faris played a hacker emoji who was to help Gene fix his malfunctioning issue, and in doing so, her real princess identity was revealed. Despite the huge turnover of $218 million it made in the box office against its budget of $50 million it still received terrible rating and negative reviews. They criticized the movie on the grounds that it was overrated and did not meet up to its expectations. Some viewers tagged it boring and a total waste of time and energy while others complained about a bad script, terrible joke and poor voice performances. In fact, it was listed as one of the worst movies of 2017 and was ranked low on Anna Faris movies having a 7% rating from the RottenTomatoes site.

7. Just Friends

This Anna Faris movie is a romantic comedy released in November 2005. Just Friends follows Chris Brander, played by , who is secretly in love with his best friend and classmate named Jamie did not have the courage to express his feelings to Jamie face-to-face. He decided to express his love for her through a letter that he wrote to Jamie on a piece of paper during their high school graduation party. However, the paper was mistakenly switched with another paper and a student Rafa read his letter out loud in the graduation party and he felt overly embarrassed. Chris left the party making a promise to himself and everyone to come back better than all of them.

Some years later, Chris loses a lot of weight and becomes an attractive, charming and very successful record producer. In a twist of events, Chris reluctantly gets tangled with an upcoming artist – Samantha James, who is played by Anna Faris, in order to get her to sign with their record label. Drama and comedy ensue as Chris has to tackle his lingering feelings for his former best friend while simultaneously dealing with Samantha. However, the movie failed to impress its audience and film critics poured in negative reviews. It also ranked low on Anna Faris movies as it was rated 42% on the Tomatometer.

8. What’s Your Number?

This American romantic comedy was released in 2011 and it featured Anna Faris and as the lead characters. Anna’s character was a lady in her early thirties whose life is full of misfortunes and not going as she planned. After a failed relationship again, she is also sacked from her job. On her way home, while taking the subway, Anna sees a book that says women who have had intercourse with more than 20 men finds it difficult to have a partner, she gets home and starts to make a list of the number of guys she has slept with. She was happy when the list ends up with 19 guys. Now she must try to stay away from any sexual intercourse that’ll increase her number. With the help of her promiscuous neighbor, she finds all her exes to see if she’ll reconnect with any of them and find a spark. The process of hunting down her exes with her neighbor gets both of them closer and she soon realizes that they are now both in love with each other.

Unfortunately, this movie ranked very low among Anna Faris’ movie list and it only grossed about $30 million against a budget of $20 million.

9. Take Me Home Tonight

This comedy movie featured Anna Faris as Wendy Franklin, the sister of the lead character – Matt Franklin, played by Topher Grace. The storyline is about a young MIT graduate named Matt who can’t get a white-collar job. While he was still trying to figure out what exactly to do with life, he gets a job at a video store where he eventually bumps into his long-time high school crush named Tori Frederking. Realizing he still has feelings for her, he denies working in the video store and claims to be working in a prestigious company just to impress her and win her love.

The movie which was released in 2011 had its budget as $19 million but its turnover in the box was $7.4 million, which was a huge loss. The movie did not receive positive reviews and ratings from viewers and critics either. It was a flop and it ranks low on Anna Faris Movie appearances so far.