Madison Riley – Bio, Family, Everything To Know About The Actress

At the age of fourteen, most kids, even highly talented ones would be made to remain in school and study while putting efforts in their various careers. For Madison Riley, that was the age she decided to leave school and pursue a career in becoming an actress, something she had shown great talent for very early in her life.

Since then, she has come to appear in a good number of films and TV shows including Two and a Half Men and Grown Ups.

Madison Riley’s Bio

It was as Madison Riley Aplanalp that the famous actress was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA on March 16, 1990, to a mother who was a stay-at-home mum and a father said to be a motivational speaker. Nonetheless, the names of her parents still remain elusive.

There is no information regarding where she got her education, although it is known that she did not go far in that regards before choosing to pursue her interest as an actress instead. More so, there is no information on how she was brought up or her childhood.

Since from a very young age, she has always had a knack for acting that at the age of 14, she entered the Best New Talent competition which she won in Los Angeles. Thanks to this, she left school to start pursuing her career as an actress.

Even before then, she had been acting since 2000 when she was a girl of 10. She appeared in the movie Once in the Life as Precious and then in 2007, she appeared in the film, Bratz: The Movie as Trendy Girl. In 2009, she appeared in Hatching Pete and Without a Paddle: Nature’s Calling as Camie and Heather respectively. She got the roles of Jasmine Hilliard and Tiffany Fowler in Grown Ups and The Prankster respectively in 2010 and then in 2011, she was in Prom as Kristen.

Although she got more roles in films, she has also taken some serious roles on TV including Two and a Half Men as Britte in 2013. She was also in Elementary and Shoshanna.

The Actress’ Family

Among many other celebrities in Hollywood, Madison Riley has remained a major enigma. Not only are her ways quite difficult to understand, but there is also nothing too much that is known about her, not even her family life.

Her father is said to be a motivational speaker, even though the man’s name is still not available in the public domain. Her mother is only known as a housewife. Both of her parents have been very supportive of their daughter, helping her to start her career when she did. There is no information on whether she has any siblings.

One thing that is known, for certain, is that she is not yet a family woman as she is not married. In fact, the actress has never been married in the past or divorced.

Things To Know About Madison Riley

1. Dating and Relationships: When it comes to relationships, it is obvious that Madison is the type of woman that many men would love to date. However, there is no information on her dating history, hence it is not known if the Salt Lake City-born actress has ever been in any relationships in the past or if she is in any at the moment.

2. Body measurements: Madison Riley is a very beautiful woman who would have made it as a successful model if she had chosen it instead of acting, which she also excels in. She has a good height of 5 feet 9 inches and a slim body build that weighs 50 kg. She has a chest measurement of 34 inches, waist that measures 25 inches, and hips that measure 36 inches (34-25-36 inches).

She has graced the covers of a number of magazines in the past including NYLON Magazine and Maxim.

3. Net Worth: Looking at her net worth, there are sources that claim the young actress may be worth a mouth-watering $5 million. While this is very unlikely, it is believed that financially, she is doing well for herself.

4. She is a very private individual: Madison is in that class of celebrities that maintain a very private life. She is notorious in that regards so much that she doesn’t share anything about herself on the internet. More so, she always appears alone in all the pictures she shares on her social media, most especially on Instagram.

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