Martin Starr Wife, Height, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Biography

Martin Starr Wife, Height, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Biography

When it comes to playing the roles of geeks or nerds in movies, salutations are in order for Martin Starr who has portrayed such characters in most of the movies we have seen him feature in. He is a funny dude – a comedian par excellence, little wonder a lot of people are interested in everything that concerns him. Here, we are going to check out aspects of his life that we don’t see on screen like his net worth and what he is like with women. All these will be in addition to taking a look at his biography and how he has grown over the years playing various roles in films and television series.

Biography Of Martin Starr

His parents are actress Jean St. James and Jim Schienle who was an instructor at Pasco-Hernando Community College. Martin Starr was born on July 30, 1982, in California, and was raised in Santa Monica. Martin’s full name is Martin James Pflieger Schienle. He is of Polish, German, English, and Hungarian descent, but of American nationality, while his religion is Buddhism.

Martin started his acting career in 1992 with a role in the American comedy-drama film Hero where he played the role of Allen in Coma. The next time we saw him on screen was as Eddie Malick in the 2001 short film titled Eyeball Eddi. His career then got busy with roles in the American crime comedy film Stealing Harvard (2002)followed by the role of the character Applebee in Cheats (2002).

He acted his first sports comedy movie in Kicking & Screaming in 2005 with which he gained a whole lot of fans for how he expertly portrayed the Beantown customer character. Since then Martin Starr has continued to be involved with one film project or the other every single year. Some other of his films include American Storage (2006) as Charlie, Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story (2007) as Schmendrick, Simon in Good Dick (2008), 2009 Adventureland as Joel, and of course Church & State (2010) where he acted as Jesus.

The list goes on to include A Good Old Fashioned Orgy (2011) as Doug Duquez, Deep Dark Canyon (2012) as Lloyd Cavanaugh, 2014 Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead as Daniel, and more recently The Escape of Prisoner 614 in 2018 as Jim Doyle. Martin Starr has also over the years featured steadily in television series like Freaks and Geeks which ran from 1999 to 2000 where he played the role of Bill Haverchuck in 18 episodes. Between 2010 to 2016 he was involved in Hawaii Five-0 as Adam ‘Toast’ Charles in 4 episodes. In 2017, he played the character Lyle Karofsky in the Future Man: episode: A Fuel’s Errand.

Martin Starr Wife, Height, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Biography
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Martin Starr Net Worth

For more than 2 decades in the industry as an actor and comedian, Martin Starr is listed as one of the favorites for many, a little wonder he has seen countless roles in films and television series. For all these, his net worth was listed as $3 million.

Considering that he is still very much active as an actor, we expect to see his net worth rise even further with more roles coming to him, in addition to this, we do hope to see him pick up notable awards in recognition of his prowess in the industry.

Wife, Girlfriend

Martin Starr in his own right is a handsome young man with his hunky beard and flowing hair. Ordinarily, these are features some relationship tutors have often said women find attractive in men and this should qualify Martin as the desire of most women.

Contrariwise, Martin seems not to be a guy for women as he has not to be known to have a girlfriend let alone having a wife. In a tweet, he made in 2014 via his handle @MartinStar, he disclosed that his criteria for having a girlfriend will be one that is beautiful and humorous.

As simple as these might sound, Martin Starr has since then not revealed any girl that met the above criteria nor at least found anyone for himself if he indeed was searching for one. While we wait for him to attain fruition in his relationship quest, we will keep having him all to ourselves on-screen in one television series or film.


Martin numbers among one of the tallest actors and comedians in the American entertainment industry. He towers above many other men at 6 feet 1 inch.

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