Melissa Mack – Biography, Net Worth, Husband or Boyfriend

If you were asked to mention two top American meteorologists, the name Melissa Mack will surely be named. She is a beautiful and well-known weather woman who currently works for Fox 8 television channel. It is a known fact that there are a lot of meteorologists in the world today but only a few have been able to make a groundbreaking impact in their line of work, amongst them is the ever wonderful Melissa Mack. She is undoubtedly one of the names that ring a bell in the TV news world when it comes to predicting the weather and helping people work their day around it.

She is arguably among the top media personalities in her line of profession. The mother of one is a prominent ambassador in her place of work, Fox 8 news channel and also one of the most respected staff in the TV station. She seems to be very happy with her job as she gives her time and dedication to it. Want to know more about Melissa Mack? Read the profile below.

Melissa Mack – Biography

Melissa Mack was born on January 2, 1981, in Ohio. The media has little details regarding the names and information of her parents, siblings, and childhood. It eventually was discovered that she spent most of her childhood in her hometown Ohio, which is situated in the  Northeast area of America. When it comes to her ethnicity, she is a full blown white woman as well as an America national.

Her educational background can be traced back to her attending the Youngstown State University, where she gained her Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Telecommunications. Adding to that, Mack became a certified Meteorologist after studying Broadcast Meteorology at the Mississippi State University.

Dreams do come true, so it was for Melissa Mack the first time she got the chance to express her love for journalism, working as a journalist for the WTAP-TV station in Parkersburg, WB. After working there briefly, she accepted an offer to work with WYTV ABC 33 in Youngstown but left after working there for three years.

The popular America TV news channel, Fox News noticed her talents as a journalist and offered her a job which automatically made her a staff of the media outlet in November of 2006.

Later, Mack became a resident in Boston as well as the Morning and Noon weather women for WBZ-TV CBS 4 in Boston while also working for Fox News; this was in 2009. She relocated back to her hometown in Ohio, Cleveland after working there for some years and is currently working at the Cleveland-based Fox 8, where she appears on the network’s 4 pm noon and 7 pm weekend shows.

In 2009, Melissa Mack also featured in the TV documentary series titled Women Behind Bars as Shannon Buard.

The very talented journalist is a very private person and has kept the curious minds at bay while living a low key life. There has never been any controversial rumors or news relating to her life.

If you call her a social media queen, you would be right as the Fox 8 news staff is a very active social media user, with quite a large following on different social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, where she shares her sentiments and pictures with her followers. Mack’s height is 5’ 4” while she is 64 kg in weight.

Husband or Boyfriend

Melissa Mack is married to the love of her life and her boyfriend of many years, Ryan Myers. The world was shocked when she revealed on air that she has been engaged to her boyfriend, who supposedly popped the question during a vacation that he had arranged for her as a surprise on the 4th of July 2014.

In September they became legally married as witnessed by their family, friends, and colleagues. Since they got married, the lovebirds have been spending quality time with each other, and there has not been any reason to doubt that they are happily married.

After a while, she announced on air at Fox 8 that she was expecting her first child with her husband Ryan. Later, she gave birth to her son, Jetta on the 18th of December 2016. Her marriage seems to not have suffered any problem so far, which gives off the impression that the couple is perfect for each other.

Her Net Worth

It is certainly obvious that Mellissa Mack earns a fine salary as a journalist. According to available stats, an American Meteorologist averagely earns an income of $62,231 per year and it is believed that Mellissa pockets more than this amount.

The real amount of her net worth is yet to be known but it’s been speculated that her net worth is over $1 million owing to the fact that she is a top TV personality who works for a leading media establishment.

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