Michael Caine Wife, Daughter, Age, Net Worth, Height, Biography
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Michael Caine is an English Oscar-winning actor known for his distinguishing talents which are showcased in his movies. He has acted in every decade from the 1960s till date and has a special trademark which is his cockney accent. Find out more about this British screen legend’s bio, family, and net worth in this article.

Michael Caine Biography (Age)

Michael Caine was born in St Olave’s Hospital in London on March 14, 1933, to parents Ellen Frances Marie (Burchell) and Maurice Joseph Micklewhite who were business people. His birth name was Maurice Joseph Micklewhite Jr. and he was brought up in Southwark in the Protestant way, though his father was Catholic. Other than his brother Stanley Micklewhite, he has a stepbrother David William Burchell, whom his mother had before she married his father Maurice. Michael schooled at Wilson’s grammar school and left when he was 16 to do some jobs before the Korean war where he participated and even had a near-death experience. After the war, at 20, he got a job to play the role of an assistant stage manager in a theatre, and by age 21, he took another job with the Lowestoft Repertory Company. It was in 1954, that he was inspired by the Caine Mutiny film to change his name to Michael Caine.

The first remarkable achievement in his career was when he was put to play his cockney accent in his role as a British officer in the film, Zulu, in 1964 and then The Ipcress File, in which he played the role of agent Harry Palmer in 1965. In the years that followed, he featured in some other movies like Alfie, The Italian Job, Dirty Rotten and has over 115 other movie appearances in his acting career.

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He was nominated for his first academy award after acting in the 1966 film Alfie and then another academy award nomination for Sleuth. In 1983, he achieved good records after his role in Educating Rita and was awarded the BAFTA for best actor in a leading role alongside a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor. He received an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for the role he played in Hannah and her sister and his role in Little Voice earned him a Golden Globe Award. In 2000, Caine was awarded a BAFTA Fellowship and was made a knight by Queen Elizabeth II for his input to the cinema. He is also known to be one of two actors the other being Jack Nicholson who has been nominated for an Academy Award during the course of every decade of their career as he is said to have landed 6 nominations between the 1960s to 2000s.

Michael Caine’s Net Worth

This stellar actor is among the top 15 highest-paid actors who at the beginning of 2017, is said to have been in more than 150 films that have grossed about $3.8 billion in the Box Office worldwide. His present net worth is hereby estimated to be $75 million.

Wife and Daughter

Back in the Lowestoft Repertory, the actor met his first wife-Patricia Haines, and not long after, in 1955 they got married. The couple moved to London in search of a better chance for success in their acting careers however, things didn’t work out as they expected when they moved, so Michael had to take some jobs to make ends meet. Patricia got pregnant in the midst of these and gave birth to a girl who was named Dominique, her birth brought more financial strain to the marriage and by 1962, the marriage came to an end.

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Michael Caine Wife, Daughter, Age, Net Worth, Height, Biography
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In 1971, Michael Spotted Shakira Baksh while watching the TV and was able to get in contact with her through the help of a friend. Ten days after phone contact, she agreed to date him and soon moved in with Caine in England. The lovebirds got married in January 1973 in Las Vegas and by July the same year, they had a baby girl whom they named Natasha. Shakira Baksh is said to have been born in British Guiana on 23 February 1947, She is currently 71 years old. As a young girl, She aspired to be a fashion designer, just like her mum but turned out to be a model and actress. She came third in the 1967 miss world contest and was in the film The man who would be king together with her husband in 1975. Though she is Muslim and Caine, Christian, Caine claims their different religions don’t create any strain on their relationship.

The couple’s daughter Natasha who is currently 45 years has been married two times with both marriages broken. Her first marriage was to businessman Tim Scott in 2000, it ended that same year and the second was to a property developer in 2007 with whom she has 2 children: a son and a daughter but it also ended in a divorce.

Michael Caine Height

The ever-talented veteran actor has a gallant height of 6 ft 2 inches which carries his current weight of about 86 kg. For a man his age, he is faring well and one could see he was quite a good-looking young man when he was in his prime.