Michael Muhney – Bio, Spouse, Parents, Kids, Where Is He Now?

Michael Muhney is a talented and versatile American actor who is popular for his extraordinary portrayal of the character, Adam Newman on the daytime soap opera The Young and Restless which airs on CBS. The actor is also popular for his role as Sheriff Don Lamb in television series Veronica Mars. Michael’s acting career can be described as a little rocky and he blames this on his outspokenness. Muhney describes himself as a father and husband who holds his family dearly. He received an Emmy nod in 2013.

Michael Muhney: Biography

Michael Muhney, who appears to have been named after his father, was born on the 12th of June 1973 in Chicago but was raised in Euless, Texas where his parents had relocated when he was about 8 years old. Muhney attended Trinity High School where he did a One-Act play performance which won him a championship in the state. To further his education, he relocated to Chicago and attended DePaul University earning his degree in Theatre in 1997.

He has a vast knowledge in languages like German and the American Sign Language (ASL). Muhney is also a member of the oldest high IQ society, Mensa.

Michael has starred in a host of television series and movies; they include A Will of Their Own (1998), Turks (1999), Virtual Nightmare (2000), The Huntress (2000-01), Charmed (2003), Veronica Mars (2004-07), Family Practice (2008), The Young and the Restless (2009-14), The Good Doctor (2017), amongst others.

Muhney has had some controversies trailing his career especially after his abrupt exit from the TV Series The Young and Restless. He first took up the role of Adam Newman in 2009. Michael invested himself in the character and brought in a complexity that was authentic and real. This made him popular with the fans who can’t help but continue to clamor for his return even 5 years after he left.

In 2011 and 2013 his contract was renewed and he even announced that his latest contract was to expire in June 2015. Unfortunately for Michael Muhney and his fans, in December 2013 he announced that he had been fired and his last episode aired on the 30th of January 2014.

There has been lots of speculation trailing his abrupt dismissal that it is hard to understand what actually happened. It was reported that Muhney assaulted his co-star sexually. Muhney was said to have, without consent, fondled her breast twice off camera. King then threatened to report to the police if he wasn’t fired.

Fans of the actor and show weren’t too pleased by the allegations. They dismissed the allegations and came together to hire an airplane for $785 to fly over CBS Los Angeles studio to show a banner to have Muhney rehired. Michael Muhney, on the other hand, denied the allegations on Twitter claiming that it was a salacious rumor.

His Parents

As earlier stated, Michael Muhney was named after his father who is mostly referred to as Mike; his mother is Janet Muhney. Including the actor, his parents have four children, thus making Muhney a sibling to three. Mike, his father, is a well-known public speaker and software pioneer.

Spouse and Kids

Michael Muhney met his wife, Jaime Garrison, through her sister. At the beginning of his career, Muhney was close friends with Lyndsay Garrison who is a makeup artist. Lyndsay noticed that Muhney wasn’t seeing anyone seriously and wasn’t hitting on women. She also noticed that he showed respect to women generally and thought to herself how nice it would be if her sister could date such a good guy. Her instincts turned out to be very right as Michael fell in love with Jaime at first sight.

Their relationship was an inseparable one and on the 11th of February 2000, they became husband and wife. Jamie’s family seem to have come a long way in the film and entertainment industry. Besides her sister who is a makeup artist, Marty Hornstein who is their late grandfather is the esteemed producer of Star Trek while their father Larry Garrison is the head of SilverCreek entertainment.

Michael Muhney and his wife Jaime have three children together. They are Dylan Tyler who was born in 2003; Ella Michael born in 2008 and Truman Rudolf born in 2013.

Sometime in 2018, Michael took to his social media to share that his kid, Truman, had some issues with his heart valves. He shared a picture of him in the emergency room with heart monitors strapped on him. Fortunately, Truman recovered and is back to living healthy.

Where Is He Now?

After his exit from The Young and The Restless, Michael Muhney has not had any major role in a big movie or television series. He has had some roles in The Track (2015), Search Engines (2016) and The Good Doctor 2017, but nothing massive. Muhney shared a heart-wrenching tweet of his son (Truman) asking Santa for his dad to get his job back in December 2018.

He remains active on social media sharing photos of himself and his family going on vacation trips.

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