Natalia Tena – Bio, Height, Parents, Family, and Other Facts

Natalia Tena – Bio, Height, Parents, Family, and Other Facts

An actress and a musician, Natalia Tena is a double threat entertainer who is doing equally well in both fields. In acting, she is best known for her role as Nymphadora Tonks in the Harry Potter film series, as well as the role of wildling Osha in the hit HBO series, Game of Thrones. On the music side of things, Tena has achieved some level of success with her band Molotov Jukebox. Here is a look at how Tena made her way to the top of the British entertainment scene.

Natalia Tena – Bio

Tena was born Natalia Gastiain Tena on the 1st of November 1984 in London. Raised in a musical family, she developed a passion for music at a very young age and was playing the piano by the age of 5. She attended a co-educational boarding and day independent school, Bedales School in Steep, Petersfield, Hampshire, England.

Tena was one of the wild ones in school and at some point, she almost got kicked out for smoking. However, her bad behavior caused her teacher to recommend acting to her which ultimately led to her debut role in the 2002 romantic-comedy film, About a Boy.

After schooling, she returned to London where she busked for money along the London Underground routes. She then joined the Kneehigh theatre group where she not only got to hone her acting skills but also began learning to play the accordion.

Following her debut, Tena’s next major gig was in a 2002 stage play titled Gone to Earth where she played the lead role of Hazel. Tena would spend the next few years developing her resume – picking up parts in films, TV shows, and stage. She played the lead in the stage production Nights at the Circus and had parts in the TV shows; Doctors, and Afterlife.

And then came 2007 when Tena got her first major break by landing the role of Nymphadora Tonks in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, the fifth installment in the Harry Potter film series. She went on to reprise the role in subsequent Harry Potter films; Half-Blood Prince, and Deathly Hallows – Part 1 and 2. Her part in the hugely popular film series brought her to wider recognition and set the pace for the next level of her career.

Her next major film was the rock n’ roll romantic-comedy, You Instead (2011) where she played the lead. She then landed the role of Osha in HBO’s Game of Thrones and would appear in 16 episodes of the TV series.

Tena has played lead roles in other TV shows like ResidueThe Refugees, Wisdom of the Crowd, and Origin. Some of her other noteworthy films include; Bel Ami10,000 km, and Anchor and Hope.

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While building her filmography, Natalia Tena has not neglected her music side. With her band, Molotov Jukebox, of which she is both the lead singer and accordionist, Tena has released at least two albums and has toured in promotion of each album. Their debut album, Carnival Flower was released in 2014.

Family, Parents

Natalia Tena comes from a humble background. Her love for entertainment is something she got from her parents María Gastiain and Jesús Andrew Gastiain who were both musicians in their own right. Her mom Maria is Spanish and hails from Extremadura while her father is of Basque descent.

Growing up, Tena’s family bonded through music, as she once recalled in an interview. Her mother would play the guitar and sing along with her dad and her aunt. At the age of 5, Tena’s mother began teaching her to play the piano. Though her parents loved music, they never really pursued it as a full-time career instead, they went on to work in other fields. Her father Jesús is a carpenter by profession while her mother worked as a secretary.

 Height and Other Facts

1. Natalia Tena is of average height and stands at about 5 feet 5 inches tall.

2. She holds dual citizenship with Spain, her home country and the United Kingdon where she was born.

3. A trilingual, Tena is fluent in English, Spanish, and Basque.

4. During her free time, Tena loves to read, jog, and cook (especially lasagna).

5. Tena was in a relationship with Sam Apley, her Molotov Jukebox bandmate.

6. Fellow Spanish-British actress, Oona Chapli who acted with her in GOT is one of her closest friends.

7. Natalia Tena’s net worth has been estimated at $5 million.

8. One of her favorite actresses of all time is Helena Bonham Carter.

9. Her only social media account is on Twitter, she has no Instagram or Facebook accounts.

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