Who is Nick Bean, How Old is He? Here are Facts You Must Know About Him

Who is Nick Bean, How Old is He? Here are Facts You Must Know About Him

It is no longer a surprise how the internet has helped a lot of individuals rise to fame through the use of social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and others. Nick Bean who is an upcoming R&B artist is another success story. He gained popularity by using the social media platform YouNow and YouTube to post his videos and acts which attracted lots of viewers and followers and translated to instant fame and popularity. Let us know more details about the life and career of this young YouTube and YouNow personality.

How Old is Nick Bean? Bio

Nicholas David Bean is a young musician who is also a YouNow and YouTube personality. He was born on March 13, 1995, and is from Maiden, North Carolina but moved with his friend, James Green to San Antonio. There is no information on his educational background, institutions attended or family except for the fact that Nick always mentioned that he did not have a good relationship with his mother and family and that he has four siblings (3 brothers and a sister).

Facts You Must About Nick Bean

He started acting at a tender age

Nick Bean started producing music at a very young age and did not really take it seriously until he joined the 5quad in 2015 – a group that consists of himself, Zach Clayton and Edwin Burgos, Timmy Connors, and RudanC. The group was disbanded in 2016 but when they were still together, they do their broadcast together and attract a lot of traffic because of the entertaining content in the broadcast.

He is a popular YouTube and YouNow star

Nick gained popularity with his videos on YouNow which he started uploading in 2014. His first YouTube video which was uploaded on January 17, 2015, was called “New Channel”. His videos are full of humor, pranks, and freestyle rapping and this has gotten him to number five on the list of the 100 YouNow Stars, a position which many people are working so hard to get reach but since not everyone is lucky, he has been and has gained so much popularity through the social media.

Nick Bean is also into Music

Nick is an upcoming R&B and Hip Hop singer and has released several songs and videos including Party on Mars, Emoji, and Lip Singer. His first song titled Netflix and Chill had nearly 2 million views on his YouTube channel and his second song, WifiWifey likewise had over 14 million views and thousands of plays on various social media platforms. He released Bubblegum Girl which was also loved by fans before following it up with Lip Singer, a collaboration between himself and Zack Clayton which also got over 4 million views on his YouTube channel. On seeing the way his fans responded to his music, Nick got inspired to focus more on his musical career, and in February 2016, he released another song called Stay on his YouTube channel which had 50,000 views.

Who is Nick Bean, How Old is He? Here are Facts You Must Know About Him
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He has funny nicknames

The nickname “Lizard”, was given to him by his group members. This is because of a trick he usually does which gives him a lizard-like look. Nick Bean is also referred to as “Thot” when 5quad do their Ugly Little Liars broadcasts and because of his habit of ending up with numerous partners. He has other nicknames which include Goober, Young trap god, Monkey, Gecko, Ugly, and Snake.

His Body Stats and Net Worth

Nick Bean is 5 feet 4 inches in height and weighs 65kg with brown hair and black eyes. Being a Musician, YouTube, and YouNow star, Nick has a net worth estimated to be $110,000.

Nick has a name for his female fans

He is handsome and has a captivating smile with dimples that would make any girl crush. Understandably so, this has got him many female fans some of who are crushing on him, and Nick Bean refers to them as The Mermaids.

He has a Lovelife

He has been into relationships. He dated Madeline Philips, a fellow YouNow broadcaster and they were off and on for two years before they finally broke up. Their fans nicknamed them “Nadeline” and after the split, he went ahead to date musical star, Sky Rae in 2016. He also dated YouTube and Instagram star, Corinna Kopf, who was also his best friend in 2017. They had a ship named Norina but eventually broke up. He is currently in a relationship with Bianca Sotelo, a fellow YouTube user. She has appeared on his videos and when fans got to know about their relationship, they gave them the nickname “Nianca”.

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