Olivia Nuzzi Bio, Age, Height, 5 Things to know about the Journalist

At a young age, New York City native Olivia Nuzzi made a name for herself in the media industry. She is so good at her job that New York magazine, for the first time in her history, decided to have a Washington Correspondent and chose her for the job in January 2016.

A resident of the nation’s capital, Nuzzi covers Congress as well as national politics in the Trump administration. In a matter of months after landing her New York Magazine job, Nuzzi quickly scored three cover stories including one about Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway. In 2018, Forbes included her in their list of 30 Under 30 Media. Let’s take you on a journey of how she has come this far in such a short time.

Olivia Nuzzi Bio (Age and Other Background Details)

Nuzzi was born on January 6, 1993, in New York City, New York to Kelly and the now-late John Nuzzi. She was raised in the River Plaza community in Middletown, New Jersey. Her dad, John, before his death in December 2015, had a 20-year stint with the New York City Department of Sanitation.

After his death, Olivia took to The Daily Beast to dedicate a beautiful piece to him. In that article, titled, “Remembering My Dad, a Tough Guy With a Big Heart,” Nuzzi’s synopsis read; “My father, John Nuzzi, was complex and beautiful and solid. I wish the world could have known him as I did.”

Nuzzi has a brother named Jonathan. Her passion for writing developed quite early in life and as a teenager, in 2011, she was already writing monthly on political columns of triCityNews, (an Asbury Park, New Jersey-based alt-weekly) and politically conservative blog and news website More Monmouth Musings.

She attended Fordham University but dropped out after she was hired by The Daily Beast.


Nuzzi has quite an impressive height. She stands at 5 feet 7 inches tall.

Here is a look at 5 other things you need to know about the journalist

1. Nuzzi was the first thrust into the limelight as a subject… We’ll explain.

Journalists often rise to fame when one of their articles or cover stories is seen as spectacular. However, for Nuzzi, her first taste of fame came as a result of a story that involved her not only as an author but as a subject. That story which actually made the front page of New York Daily News was about her experience as an intern on Anthony Weiner’s campaign.

Back in 2013, when Nuzzi was working as a staff writer for NSFWcorp, she simultaneously documented her experience with the Weiner mayoral campaign on short blog posts. These posts attracted the attention of New York Daily News who hired her to write a follow-up piece.

In that piece, Nuzzi spilled many not-so-pleasant things about the campaign including that the interns only worked for Weiner in other to curry favor with Weiner’s wife Huma, a political staffer, and Hilary Clinton. She also mentioned how Weiner’s campaign team was made up of mostly inexperienced folks.

2. Weiner’s campaign spokeswoman and communications director, Barbara Morgan slammed back at her.

Olivia’s little piece on the New York Daily didn’t sit down well with a lot of Weiner faithfuls, especially his campaign spokeswoman Barbara Morgan. Morgan in an interview with Talking Points Memo about a different subject fired back at Nuzzi, calling her a “f***** slutbag,” a “twat,” a “c*nt,” and a “bitch” who was bad at her job.” She added that Nuzzi wouldn’t be able to land any other job in New York City.

Both women took to Twitter to joke about the situation. Olivia added the vulgar names Morgan called her to her Twitter bio.

3. Contrary to Morgan’s opinion that Olivia would never have another job in New York, Nuzzi was in May 2014 hired by The Daily Beast where she began covering the presidential campaigns of hopefuls like Rand Paul and Chris Christie. During the same period, she scored her first interview with Donald Trump as his political career advanced.

4. Nuzzi’s endeavors during the 2016 presidential campaign saw her being named among 15 others on Politico‘s list of 16 breakout media stars of 2016.

5. She appears to be in a serious relationship

We went to spy on her Instagram page and it appears that Olivia Nuzzi is taken and she isn’t afraid of showcasing her man whom she hasn’t named, as of this writing. Her profile includes a couple of photos of them and they couldn’t look more in love.

In a selfie posted on Valentine’s day 2018, Nuzzi is seen relaxing on the mystery man’s shoulders. Fingers crossed that more details about their relationship unveil, for now, we’ll keep admiring the photos as they come.

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