Pam Stepnick – Bio, Age, Facts About Jake And Logan Paul’s Mother

Pam Stepnick – Bio, Age, Facts About Jake And Logan Paul’s Mother

Pam Stepnick is a popular personality in the social media world which is no surprise as she is the mother and a wife to high-profile internet personalities. Her sons, Logan and Jake are kings of comedy in the social media space, and her husband, Greg Paul is doing pretty well as an internet personality. Moreso, it is worthy to note that prior to her plunge into the internet, Pam was a registered nurse who has worked with notable health centers in the past. She is said to have resigned and some years later, her family influenced her to embark on a whole new career path. Let’s take a peek into Pam’s bio and other facts about the celebrity mom of Jake and Logan Paul in the following paragraphs.

Pam Stepnick Biography (Age)

Kudos to Pam Stepnick, the woman that brought forth the two internet stars, Jake Paul, and Logan Paul. Her birth name is Pamela Anne Stepnick and she was born on the 27th of  July, 1963 in the United States and spent most of her childhood days in Lake Wood. She is of American nationality and her Zodiac sign is Leo.

The celebrity mum initially started her career as a Nurse at the UHHS Westlake Surgery Center and subsequently was opportune to work in other health centers. Pam eventually resigned as a Nurse and was leading a quiet life for some time before her she took the decision to launch herself as an internet personality. She created her personal YouTube channel in March 2017 which she titled VlogMom.

It’s amazing that just 2 years into her online venture, Pam Stepnick has been able to gather over 814k subscribers and more than 27 million views. Many people wonder how she was able to exert such an influence in such a short time but you guessed right, being the mum of two famous YouTubers does have its benefits.

All that the rising internet sensation is known for since she started her channel was sharing interesting and funny vlogs on the channel. These include daily events, her family life, her say on popular issues, and a number of videos here and there. Pam was definitely well tutored by her sons in the art of vlogging and it is believed that one of the things suspected to have brought her into the spotlight is the family videos and pictures of Jake and Logan which she often shares with her channel.

It is also known that the video in which she captures her dance lessons with the popular dancer Tessa titled Tessa Taught Me How to Twerk, garnered more than 3.4 Million views. Moreso Pam Stepnick’s video tagged I Took Logan to the Dr… He is having Issues that attracted more than 2.1 million views and she is also notable for making a video about her daughter-in-law, Jerika which pulled in over 1.3 million views and received about 37000 likes.

Besides being a social media personality Pam has also appeared on TV in the series called The Mind of Jake Paul and perhaps we will be seeing more of her in other films and sitcoms in the nearest future.

Pam Stepnick – Bio, Age, Facts About Jake And Logan Paul’s Mother
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Pam Stepnick’s Family

Pam Stepnick has a family of YouTubers, her husband, Greg Paul is a social media personality with over 570k followers on Instagram, and in addition to that, he is into the real estate business. The couple who are happily married is parents to Logan and Jake Paul. Logan Paul was born in 1995, and from an early age, he started making videos and was on the path of making it big on social media. His brother Jake was born in 1997 in Ohio and was motivated by his brother’s success to key into being an internet star.

Sources also have it that the VlogMom has always been a very supportive mother who helped her children to nurture their dreams into reality. Her kids turned out into successful social media personalities making Pam Stepnick proud every inch of the way. Logan has a YouTube channel called Logan Paul Vlogs which has about 19 million subscribers as well as the channel called TheOfficialLoganPaul with about 5.2 million subscribers. Jake, on the other hand, has a YouTube channel called JakePaulProductions with about 19 million subscribers.

Other Facts About Jake & Logan Paul’s Mother

Stepnick stands at a height of about 5 feet 1 inch.

She is 3 months older than her husband as she was born in the month of July 1963 while Paul was born in October of the same year.

Pam Stepnick got married to Paul in 2004 which is several years after the arrival of their two children.

The VlogMom is animal-friendly and is often seen taking pics with her son’s dog which she shares on her social media platforms.