Pamela Horton – Biography, Family Life & Everything You Need To Know

Pamela Horton is an American celebrity noted as a YouTuber, model, and former Playboy Playmate. She also got famous as the girlfriend of American comedian, YouTuber, and Smosh member . In the course of her career, Pamela has amassed a decent fan following but even at that, a lot of things still remain unknown about her. However, all that will cease here as we are going to tell you all there is to know about her.

Pamela Horton – Biography

Pam, as she is fondly called, was born on the 4th of May 1988 in Whittier, a city in Southern California, Los Angeles County, California. She lived there in the years that followed with her parents Michael Horton Sr. and Lisa Horton. When Pamela Horton was about 9 years old, she relocated to Wichita, a city in south-central Kansas as her father secured a job in the city with Bombardier Learjet.

Pam had her high school studies at Clearwater High School located in Clearwater, Florida. She graduated in 2006 and was voted as the “Most Artistic” in her class. Afterwards, She enrolled in Wichita State University where she began studying Psychology. By the side, Pamela had a strong interest in arts and nursed the ambition to become an Arts Therapist.

Pamela Horton began her modeling career in July 2006. She modeled for a lot of brands – both in the print and digital media through which she got famous. As a model, most people would recognize her for her appearance in the 2014 October issue of Playboy Magazine Bayonetta 2 promotional marketing campaign with Nintendo.

Her interest in video games started when she was a little girl of about 5 years old. Her father introduced her to The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past which became a game she mastered most moves in it before even learning how to tie her own shoes. As she grew up, she had no plans of jettisoning this childhood passion. Her list of favorite games now includes Chrono Trigger, Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, EarthBound and of course League of Legends and World of Warcraft.

For the later, she previously thought they were games not meant for ladies but over time, she found out that such games [first person shooter games] were her thing. More to this, Pamela Horton has disclosed that she loves to be known as every gamer guy’s dream as it makes her feel sexy.

She began uploading game videos online while at the Playboy Mansion with Amelia Talon, a fellow playmate. By June 2017, Horton decided to join a gaming channel which went by the name Toaster Ghost, alongside fellow gamers like and Amy Lynn Thompson. She also works as a gaming content creator on Twitch, as well as her YouTube channel [Pamela Horton]. In addition, Pam creates content for Collider Video [Awesometacular]. She also jointly runs another YouTube game channel [Gamer Next Door] with Amelia Talon. On the channel, the duo Miss October 2012 [Pamela] and Miss June 2012 [Pamela] creates content on game reviews, gameplay and just about anything that bothers on 3DS, Xbox One, Nintendo Wii and also PlayStation 4.

Family Life

As mentioned above, Pamela Horton was born to Michael Horton Sr. [father] and Lisa Horton [mother]. There are no exact details of who her siblings are, but going by posts she has made on social media, particularly Twitter, we deduced that Pam has got a brother and sister. In 2015, she made a post on her Twitter handle @PamelaHorton13 where she wished a happy siblings day to her brother and sister.

On the post, she referenced her brother as @mikelocalypse [Twitter] and gave her sisters name to be Mkimminau [Instagram – mkimminau] through which we found her full name to be Meagan Kimminau. It is apparent that the siblings share a strong bond together.

Other Cool Facts To Know

Relationship Status

The former Playboy model and now YouTuber reportedly dated Ian Hecox. The duo began dating sometime in 2015 but at the moment, several reports refer to her as Ian’s ex-girlfriend. They have not made it clear what the actual state of their relationship is at the moment.


Various people love and keep various types of pets. For Pamela, she is a cat person as she has 3 cats. They are named Moose, Squirrel, and Turtle.

Body Measurements

Having worked in the past as a Playboy model, there is no questioning on whether Pamela Horton is beautiful or not. She is indeed a good looking and sexy young lady. She stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches or 1.73m and weighs 110lb or 50kg. Pam has a slim body which measures 32 inches for her bust, 22 inches waist size, and 35 inches hips size. She wears a bra/cup size of 32C, has black hair color and hazel-colored eyes.

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