Reece King Bio, Age, Height and Other Facts About This Interesting Model

Reece King Bio, Age, Height and Other Facts About This Interesting Model

Reece King is an English-born model, designer as well as a social media personality. Thanks to his striking boyish looks and his remarkable sense of style, King was always destined to be excel in fashion. However, what his natural gifts couldn’t fetch him, the internet (the most dynamic phenomenon of the 21st century) was able to achieve within a short space of time. The English model owes his meteoric rise to fame to a simple picture of himself posted way back in 2016. The picture quickly went viral, launching the youngster’s career both as a model of repute and a bonafide Instagram royalty.

Reece King Bio, Age

The British model was born Reece Anthony King on November 11, 1994, in Essex, England, UK. He is biracial; his father is a Caucasian of Irish descent and his mother is a black from Saint Vincent, an island in the Caribbean. King was raised alongside 2 siblings. Earlier in life, he always loved all things fashion, however, he never knew he would go very far with that passion. He worked at several retail stores, mainly so he could make money to support his family. However, it turned out that fate had different plans for him.

Reece King is known to be incredibly talented, eye-catching looks coupled with a quirky sense of style, it was only a matter of time for this star to be discovered. In 2016, the then-22-year old posted a remarkable picture of himself wearing a LAMODA septum ring, one of his trademark accessories. The picture caught the attention of the international fashion retail brand LAMODA and when they reposted the picture, it quickly became an internet sensation.

Thanks to that viral 2016 photo, Reece King’s life would never remain the same. His Instagram following quickly soared, catapulting him to instant internet stardom. In addition to his meteoric rise to fame, King also caught the attention of several fashion stakeholders. He has continued to amass an enormous amount of faithful fans and followers; well over 500,000 on Instagram already.

Thanks to his blossoming career as a full-time model, Reece King has not only achieved financial security, however, he also gets to travel to exotic locations he never dreamed of. In October 2017, the talented model appeared in the music video of the song EIIR’ the debut single of Jamaican-born model and musician Tafari Hinds.

In May 2018, King was announced by Polish high-street brand ‘Reserved’ as the face of the brand’s summer capsule collection, Re. Design, towing the path of superstars Kate Moss, Cindy Crawford, and Brooklyn Beckham who have also worked with the brand. 

Reece King Bio, Age, Height and Other Facts About This Interesting Model
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Height and Other Body Measurements

Reece King stands at an impressive height of 5 feet 10 inches (182 cm). His chest circumference is 32 inches (81 cm) and his waist size is 28 inches (71.5 cm). He has brown eyes and black hair. Thanks to his remarkable physique and striking features, Reece King loves the cameras and the cameras love him too.

Other Facts About This Interesting Model

In 2014, Reece King headlined an MTV campaign tagged Someone Like Me, a global conversation/movement about safe sex.

One of the obvious facts about the social media star is his love for tattoos. King got his very first tattoo at the age of 14 followed by several others. Among his numerous inkings, he has a wolf on his hand, a lion on his thumb as well as an owl on the inner side of his forearm. According to the model, he feels the tattoos are his second skin and they give him more confidence.

Earlier in his fashion career, Reece King experienced some severe discrimination. According to him, he once lost his job at a high street retail brand because his employers felt he looked “to femme”.

In January 2018, Reece King came out as bisexual. The model has had his sexuality questioned for the most part of his career. Subsequently, on November January 31, 2018, in an exclusive interview with Gay Times Magazine, the English model and social media star eventually settled all doubts concerning his sexuality.

Initially, King didn’t think the questions about his sexual orientation were important and so, he usually brushed them off. However, they became too much of a distraction from his work and he decided to put an end to all the speculations.

Even as he swiftly makes his way up the modeling ladder, Reece King has also delved into the world of fashion designing. He collaborated with UK-based clothing brand Deck on a collection tagged ‘Deck x King’.

Reece King is signed on to SUPA Model Management, a modeling agency based in London, the same one that is in charge of famous internet sensation Jeremy Meeks a.k.a. Hot Felon.

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